This can’t be right.

Given the choice, surely everyone would want to work with the best? And everyone in your business wants to BE the best? So why can’t you build a brand around it?

Well, here are a couple of solid reasons for you.

Being the best sets you up for failure

Let’s face it: very few of us can profess to be the absolute best at what they do. Claim that number one spot and someone will come along and challenge your claim, because you haven’t won all the industry awards this year, or published a book that tops the New York Times Best Sellers list, or sold out more seminars than Tony Robbins.

Besides, even if you are currently recognised as the best in your field by a particular industry organisation, or media outlet, or Oprah Winfrey – your claim will incentivise someone else to come along and knock you off your perch. And then what will you base your brand on? “Second best” doesn’t quite cut it as an appealing strapline.

Being the best is only about you

The age of mass marketing has ended. We’re no longer restricted to three TV channels, a handful of newspapers and the billboards that line the route of your commute. In today’s highly competitive and highly personalised marketplace, you need to grab people’s attention – and claiming to be the best isn’t necessarily speaking your client’s language.

Business is a two-way street. And your brand, while it should be an accurate representation of your offer, approach and values, also has to speak to the needs and preferences of your clients.

So, if not the best, then what?

Be the right fit

Now more than ever you need to truly appeal to your clients in order to stand out from the global crowd. They need to feel that you understand them, and have the perfect solution to their problem. That you are the ideal choice for them.

Being the right fit is about both you and your ideal client. That’s right, your IDEAL client.

For whom do you serve better than your ideal client? This is the one you can show up for without it seeming like effort; the one who really needs what you have to offer; the one who will be so delighted by their experience that they’ll enthuse about you to their family, friends and all over social media.

Branding as the right fit

So, start by getting to know your ideal client. Do your research, approach them directly and ask questions. Find out their problems, their desires, their worries, their needs.

Get totally clear about how your business benefits them – and then build a brand around getting that message across to them.

The best part? In positioning yourself as the right fit for your ideal clients, you get to attract more of the people and work that you love, while your clients get the benefit of products and services that are exactly what they need. Win-win!

Let’s be clear: there is nothing wrong with aspiring to be the best in your field. And if indeed you are top dog, that’s amazing! Well done! Keep up the good work!

Be the best, by all means. Just don’t build a brand around it.