Our children mean the world to us and we want to keep them as safe as possible. Especially with all that is going on in the world, it’s hard to let go and trust that they will be safe on their own.

However, there comes a time in your child’s life when they are all grown up and able to make their own decisions and experience life’s challenges. Some of these “challenges” may be very difficult, however, they are vital in your child’s emotional development.

As a parent, I remember staying home one day with my kids, as my wife was at work. I was tidying up and washing the dishes and my kids, ages 1 & 5 at that time, were playing in the living room directly behind me. Even though my eyes were on the dishes, my full focus was on the kids. I was on such a high alert, that it seemed as though I was on autopilot washing the dishes. Reason being, I wanted to ensure they were safe.

This is great for when our children rely entirely upon us. But when they grow up and head off to college, start a job or simply just move out on their own, we must let go and put our attention on a lower alert.

We must lose our fears and trust the system/universe to help guide and protect them as it did with us.

Swimming in fear and trying to control the situation will not only keep our mind’s sick, but will also push our children further away.

Regardless of how much stress or fear you have over the safety of your kids, life will still only run on life’s terms. Whatever is going to happen will still happen, regardless of how much you try to control it. So let go and redirect that energy back to your own self-care.

If you are experiencing difficulties in trusting the system and letting go, it is best to connect with a Life Coach who can help guide you back to the pool of Wellness.