What set you on your entrepreneurship journey?

I started out in the entertainment industry by working in the IT department of an MP3 player manufacturer. When an opportunity came for me to work with a friend on the front-facing side of the entertainment industry, I jumped at the chance. I wanted to be part of an industry that entertained so many people and had many opportunities and avenues through which different countries and cultures could come together to share what makes them great with everyone.

How have you blended your values and your business?

I believe that music transcends political and racial divides. I’ve seen it happen on the sets of our collaboration music videos when we bring artists from China and the United States together to work in person. I’ve seen how well they blend into each other’s cultures while creating collaborative music contents. That has become the whole mission of our company, and it’s why I love this work and this company. I believe in creating unity through music, and every time I see that mission come to life in a recording studio or on a music video set, it reminds me of why we do what we do. That is what’s most important, above anything else.

Do you have any advice for others who want to do what you have done?

Keep an open mind. It took a lot of time and failure for me to find the success that I have. I wouldn’t have been able to find that success if I hadn’t taken the time to think outside the box and try something no one in the industry ever had before. When you take on other peoples’ perspectives and choose to think outside of you and your culture and comfort zone, you have the potential to build something great. That’s what’s most important, regardless of what industry you’re in.

And don’t forget that you can’t do anything alone. My team made a lot of sacrifices because they believed in 7SIX9’s mission, and that’s the only reason we were able to grow. There were many times when they could have asked to leave the company for other opportunities, but they stayed because we all believed in what we were building. It’s easy to look back now and be proud of what we did, but I’m even more proud of how my team was willing to work hard and sacrifice to build something great.