Ruth Hoskins Chemistry Coach

I’m going to re-introduce you to the C word.

No, I’m not getting all sweary on you just yet. I promise!

I’m talking Chemistry.

But not as you know it. Forget the white-coated, glasses wearing scientist stereotype, I’m talking human chemistry. The feeling when you’re with the right person, that feels like home but for your soul. Chemistry is the reason why we’re attracted to certain kinds of people and put off by others.

And I want to show you that there’s a simple, authentic and more high-impact way to attract more into your life or business.

I’m guessing one of these is you?

You’re in a high-achieving position at work but want more joy and happiness or income added into your life?

You’re a parent that’s been so busy thinking of your kids that you’ve lost your own way?

You’re in business (or planning on launching a business) and wanting more of the right kind of clients?

You’d love to attract more people like brands, press rather than always pitching to people?

You have a human yearning for stronger, deeper, better relationships in your life?

Am I right? Well it’s OK because I’ve got your back. The truth is that mastering the art of human chemistry is your secret weapon in getting more of what you want.

High chemistry equals more YES’s from people.

Would that feel good to you?

So much is written about manifestation, but to get to the point where you’re a master manifestor, you need the chemistry too.

And the chemistry always starts from within. Those people who can light up a room? Who people gravitate towards? You know, they’re simply connected and speaking their truth and that makes them more attractive. They’re not “just really natural”. We were all born with everything we ever needed. Our unique formula for growth, for wealth, for joy. It was already there.

Gay Hendrick’s calls it a Zone of Genius in his book. The Big Leap. It’s the place where we’re operating with our innate powers not just our learned experience.

But I like to call it your C-spot.

Because when you’re so connected to the real essence of you, when the actual oxytocin and serotonin are pumping around your bod, the right people will find you.

Our friend Oxytocin – known as the cuddle drug or the love drug – helps us create attachments. It helps weed out those that aren’t right for us and pumps out into the hearts and minds of the people who are right. Powerful, right?

What this all means is that the more connected and in tune you are with yourself, the more time you spend loving what you’re doing, the more the chemistry is going to act as your attractor and do all the work for you.

I love this quote by Jung:

“The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”

Chemistry is real relationships, not marketing or selling.

Chemistry can’t be mass-produced, it’s already inside us.

Chemistry is the thing that connects our souls to our soulmates in life, work, business, whatever.

Chemistry is the purveyor of wealth in all areas of our life.

And this is where it helps to be acutely clear about what fills you with joy, what you were really good as a child at, and the passions that really get you. It’s your unique North star, that only exists for you.

As a starting point, this is a great opportunity to call in more of what you want as we move and groove into a brand new decade. Have you considered taking a chemistry test on yourself?

This is where the big and heartfelt questions come in, such as:

What is it I really want more of?
What would a crazy-awesome life look like for me?
What are my innate powers?
How much am I using them in my life right now on a scale of 1-10?
If I dared to dream even bigger, what would an extra 20% look like?
How can I bring more passion into my life, my niche?

This new decade is your chance to be the architect of your life in the 2020’s. To create a life that makes you buzz as much as if you’ve just gotten the upgrade to fly First Class. Where you’re attracting what you want with abundance and ease and flow and you’re surrounded by more of the right kind of people. Your people.

Please do ruminate over these big questions and come share what you’ve uncovered with me.

I coach individuals to find their own chemistry and attract more of what they want by building a personal brand based on my completely unique 3-step Chemistry Coaching approach.

I also help brands and businesses to activate and attract audiences and talent into their business too through workshops, online and in person to help them build their human brand in an attractive, human and entirely captivating way.