When it’s your honeymoon, it feels as though the world is your oyster. You want to select the most romantic, extravagant and indulgent destination, after all, honeymoons usually are a once-in-lifetime experience, right? With so much choice available, how do you possibly narrow it down? And why on earth would you choose wellness on your vacay? Here’s why…

Firstly, what is wellness? Wellness is not all green juices and yoga. Wellness, or wellbeing is all about balance. At the Andronis Concept Wellness Resort in Santorini, Greece, it’s exactly that. 

They offer a step-above traditional wellness options such as sunset yoga overlooking the gorgeous ocean, traditional therapeutic massage in an open-air cabana with the cool ocean breeze softly cooling you in the peak of summer and healthy menu selection, but it’s balanced with time spent lazing by the pool sipping on a cocktail. 

There’s no pressure to join an early morning run or hit the gym before breakfast, but those options are certainly encouraged. With their huge state of the art gym, its almost begging for a quick circuit workout. 

To support those who are looking for more balance and wellbeing the menu options accommodate those wanting it. Egg-white omelette and detox smoothies are a part of the daily menu, just as much as eggs Benedict and your favourite pancakes or coffee with cream. 

The dinner menu from the Throubi restaurant at the resort is another out of this world experience. Perched on the edge of the resort, overlooking the mountains and watching the sunset just sets the scene for an incredible meal to follow. The word Throubi means aromatic herb, widely used in Santorini, a very appropriate name for the Andronis holistic ethos. 

Start with dishes such as marinated shrimps with tamara, caper leaves and lemon, followed by Lobster with orzo pasta, vanilla and dill. Dessert is light but delicious – try the low fat cheese cake or lemon tart with coconut ice-cream, options which allow you to feel almost guilt-free. 

In addition, the architecture and view are add to your overall wellness experience here. The building is designed so that the rooms have the most incredible view of the ocean and gorgeous Oia mountainside beyond. Just waking up to this incredible view and feeling as though you are part of nature has a profound impact on your mind and physical state. Watch what happens when you take a big deep breath in front on the Oia Mountains and the blue ocean – you instantly relax, the feeling is euphoric. 

The architecture’s sweeping shapes, soft curves, and earthy colour palette enhance the view, but also have a profound impact on how you experience the resort and creates a soothing effect as you walk through the space.

Wellness does your relationship the world of good

With all this relaxation, feelings of wellbeing and euphoria, you and your partner will feel full of energy. It’s no wonder your honeymoon just got that much better.