Climbing down can be scary (Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels )

First of all, think about it. Who wants to climb down?

I have a friend who spent several years to move up in his career. The whole reason for his effort? Because it sounds good to be in a role where you have power over a few other people. Because you have a nice car. Because your spouse and family seem to expect it…

The problem is, when you’re up there, what next?

2019 survey by Deloitte stated that 49% among millennials (people born between 1980 and 2000) will quit their jobs in the next two years. And that is due to job dissatisfaction. I can confirm because I am among these.

Who is a person who climbs down a corporate career? He might be one who suddenly realizes that life is more than climbing a ladder. It might happen in his or her mind, something called “purpose”. Something probably bigger and deeper than a car, or power, or the expectation of others…

That is why to arrive at inspiration to climb down, one must have undergone a journey that allows a deeper look into the nature of things. Probably, an epiphany.

But hold on, one thing I must tell you. Most of the people in this situation will first feel very negative about themselves. Commonly, they will feel being stuck in the current situation. They might feel bored-out with the current job, burned-out, anxiety. They don’t have a clue what they can do next!

If you are among them, here are some tips to overcome this:

  • Cheer a glass (of water) for this big thing!
  • Let yourself taken away by this magic
  • Throw away any fear of the unknown
  • Take a strong dose of belief!

An adventure might be a good fix for your mid-career woes. How does it feel like, when you are thrilled by the idea of doing something in life which is bigger than yourself? Do something big, really big. Bring to yourself a sense of meaning and unprecedented satisfaction.

I have no clue either what you want to do next. But I believe the universe will show you some signs. So… be patient and watch out!

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