How to use the power of clothing to raise your confidence at the highest level.

Have you ever tried to become more confident? If so, then you know is pretty difficult to do it. Excepting alcohol, aggressive music and those moments when you feel you are the best is almost impossible. I say “almost” because there’s a solution for everything. And I want to share one with you today.

Here it is:

Clothes Could Boost Your Confidence:

I know how it sounds for you. Maybe you think it couldn’t be true because you don’t feel comfortable when you try to change the way you dress. You don’t like that feeling when you are wearing a shirt or dress shoes because you “know” it doesn’t represent you. So, what I’m saying here is totally a stupid thing.

But let me tell you something. You don’t feel awkward because you dress differently. You feel awkward because you care too much about what will happen. Especially about what people will say.

If you wouldn’t, there’s no reason for you to not improve your appearance. But a part of you thinks ”people will mocking me”, “nice clothes are for just for rich people”, “What if I look stupid”. That part has right but doesn’t show you everything.

Yes, people will be mocking you when you start, is possible to make mistakes and even to look stupid.But let’s face it. Whatever you do in life when you’re a beginner these things are perfectly normal.

If you don’t give up I guarantee after you start to understand and improve your style people will not mocking you anymore. They’ll respect you more, behave nicer and even ask you for advice when they go shopping.

And these things will boost your confidence.

When you have a great outfit and are treated like a great person you’ll see yourself better than ever. The way you dress has a strong connection with your confidence. If you dress sloppy at least at a subconscious level you will not like what you see in the mirror.

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror you’re tempted to underestimate you. That transform you into a low self-esteem person. And the others act accordingly to this image. What do you expect from them, anyway? Nobody will respect you more than you do.

Dressing Well Makes People Shake Hands:

Who dress well has bigger chances to get a nice social life. Maybe sounds unfair but is just the way our minds work. We like what we’re associated with.

Influencial people usually care about appearance.

And a person who cares about her image prefers another person who cares about her image, instead one thousands persons who don’t, anytime. The society judge people by their clothes.

A poor-dressed man usually is considered a low-status person who has a hard life and don’t care about himself. A well-dressed man is considered a high-status person who has a nice life and love himself.

Why Nobody Cares About You:

If you have something to say remember nobody cares about what are you saying through words. Everybody knows to talk, people want to see something real. And if they see you dressing sloppy, it will be real enough in their eyes who you are. I’m sorry for you but that’s the honest truth. So, dress better and watch how people are paying attention to you.

A Better Sexual Life:

Nice women usually ignore poor-dressed men. That’s because they care how people see who they hang out with. Sure, your appearance doesn’t decide if a woman sleeps with you or not but believe me most times it matters.

When I started to dress better more nice women started to respond me better. And I know why. Women always loved clothes more than men did.

Think about last women you’ve met. I think you noticed many of them dress pretty good, use accessories and take care of themselves. And guess what? You can do the same thing to boost your chances with them.

Sure, you don’t need makeup or fancy stuff. But you can start dressing better, stop biting your nails and use fragrance. This is not a crucial fact in your dating life but attract the opposite sex. And if you improve your dating life guarantee you’ll boost your confidence.

Learn Before Say No:

Finally, I just want to say you have no reason to not care about your image. Researchers proved that men who dress well earn with 14,000$ more per year than men who don’t, have a better sexual life and their confidence is at a higher level. And if you want the same things you don’t need a lot of money or knowledge.

You need to take action.

So, what are you waiting for?

Cosmin is a style blogger who tries to help men dress well with practical advice. You can follow him here .

Originally published at on February 17, 2017.

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