… is Managing Partner at Domainstandard Networks and Publisher of Mobility Arena and CPAfrica… He was on HotTalkWithBlecyn twitter chat to discuss the “Need For A Content Marketer To Understand His or Her Chosen Industry”.

Mr. Mo noted that his favorite sentence is “Not All Who Wander Is Lost”. I found this statement quite interesting and it left me thinking, however due to the time frame of the interview, I was unable to ask him to further explain the sentence. After reading this interview, you will understand how content marketing directly affect the branding/product/service of an organization. If you are a content marketer or you are a hopeful content market or perhaps you are a business owner who wishes to understand how your content marketer is handling contents for your business or service, then continue below to read my interview with Yomi Adegboye…

Blecyn George Monsi: In simple terms, could you please share with us the overview of content marketing?

Yomi Adegboye: Content marketing involves creating & sharing of relevant, meaningful, content to drive profitable customer action. As such, storytelling is at the core of content marketing. The content marketer spins stories around a brand/product. The content/material created can be text, images, audio, video, or a mix.

Blecyn George Monsi: Does content marketing have any direct impact on branding? If YES, kindly share these impacts.

Yomi Adegboye: Content marketing certainly has a direct impact on branding. It shapes the narrative of a brand. All of the world’s greatest brands deploy exceptional content marketing. Think of Coca-Cola. They tell great stories. Everybody loves good stories. Brands that tell good stories gain good mind share among their target audience.

Blecyn George Monsi: What are the common mistakes companies make when it comes to content acquisition or management?

Yomi Adegboye: Not having a strategy. Good content is seldom ever random. A content strategy is important. Not making content about the customer. We say content is king. That is not exactly true. When we say content is king, what we mean to say is that content that resonates with the customer is king.

BGM: A lot of writers assume they are capable of creating content for almost any arm of entertainment, is this right?

YA: This is a question of personal ability. Perhaps there are those who can. But certainly not every writer can do this. It takes a lot of studying an industry for one to understand it well enough to be able to create content for it. With thousands of industries in the world, it is a tough call. But if an individual can pull it off, why not?

BGM: What is documented content marketing strategy and of what importance is it to a content marketer?

YA: A documented content marketing strategy is a written plan or strategy of how you intend to pull it off. It is an outline of your objective, your audience and how you intend to achieve your objective most effectively.

BGM: How is success measured for content marketing? In regards to social media?

YA: One: how well do people like your content? If they hit the retweet, like, favorite buttons, chances are they like it. Two: how much conversion did your content achieve? Your content has to be acted on. If customers act, it succeeded.

BGM: Could you share with us the nitty-gritty of why a content marketer must understand his/her chosen industry?

YA: You cannot create relevant, meaningful, engaging content for an industry you do not understand. This is important. For example, to create content for a finance brand, one must understand both the audience AND some finance matters. The alternative is to work hand-in-hand with someone with domain expertise who will provide guidance and useful info. But there is nothing as liberating as a content creator who understands his/her chosen industry.

BGM: Does multiple retweets guarantee the ability and success of a content?

YA: Multiple retweets suggest that people like a content, but they do not guarantee content marketing success. Why? Lots of people may retweet the content but not act on it. The result: low conversion, low sales. That isn’t success.

BGM: How do a content marketer get to choose an industry of specialty? Are there any specific features to consider?

BGM: It is advisable to choose industries that one has some interest in or basic understanding of. Makes it easier to develop.

BGM: Can a content marketer work in more than 3 unrelated industries and still be successful?

YA: Quite possible. The requirements are that the creator understands the industries & can spin relevant,actionable content.

BGM:How does content marketing relate to influencers?

YA: Content marketing can be deployed as a tool of trade by an influencer. Good content marketing is very influential. Content marketing = ability to influence customer behaviour using stories, so it is a great tool influencers can use. An influencer may not necessariy be a content marketer, but there is no qiestion about it: a Content Marketer is an influencer.

BGM: What more can you tell us about “Content Marketing; The Need To Understand one’s Chosen Industry”?

YA: Content marketing is both art and science. It is not creativity alone. Methods, strategies, and tools are also key. It is a constantly changing field, so develop adaptation skills. New platforms and tools arrive. Keep learning.

BGM: I would like to express my profound gratitude to the entire audience for tonight.Keep your questions in @moverick mention #HotTalkWithBlecyn

YA: Thank you. It has been a pleasure to share tonight on #HotTalkWithBlecyn. My thanks too to everyone who engaged. Cheers.

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