Why is counselling needed

Counselling is needed to:

 Explore problems

 Find a solution.

 Make important decisions

The purpose of counselling:

The main purpose of counselling is to help people in understanding the cause of their problems and to find a reasonable solution for that particular problem.

Benefits of counselling:


  • Increase confidence
  • Better management of emotions like grief anger
  • Increases decision making
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Improved self-esteem and self-awareness

Common types of counselling:

There are so many types of counselling but here we are going to discuss few common types of counselling like marriage and couple counselling, substance abuse counselling and bereavement counselling, Family counselling, guidance and career counselling etc

Marriage and couple counselling:

People face ups and downs in relationships because they have their own ideas, views, personal history and opinions. You don’t necessarily have to be in troubled relationships to ask for guidance. Premarital counselling helps in making the right decision and understanding each other better. Sometimes it is also opted to save couples from tearing apart. In such counselling couples are called for joint sessions but if one person is not willing to go to the counsellor then the other one can go alone too. It is helpful in saving the marriage and choosing the right spouse for you. Always find some reputed consultant near you. In Canada, specifically in  Kelowna and grande prairie Interactive counselling is well-reputed.

Results of couple counselling

  • Improved relationship and emotional connection.
  • A successful happy marriage.
  • You will have new ways to build life together.
  • You will have healthy boundaries.
  • Recovery plan(in case of troubled married life)

Substance abuse counselling:

Substance abuse counsellors are specialized in treating people who are highly dependent on drugs. Both addicts and people who fear they may become addict soon can reach out for help. The counsellor helps in teaching the addicts basic skills to stay sober.

Results of substance abuse counselling on society:

  • Less domestic violence.
  • Less crime rate.
  • Fewer accidents, safer roads.

Grief or bereavement counselling:

Grieving is a normal part of life. Sometimes we don’t need professional help to get out of this problem as time is the best healer. But if losses like losing your job, property and loved ones start impacting your functioning ability then you may need help. Grieving counselling helps the Grieving person to change their perspective towards life

Results on grief counselling

  • You will start focusing on yourself again.
  • You will accept your loss
  • You won’t be sad anymore
  • You’ll be productive.
  • You’ll start being grateful again.

Family counselling:

Family counselling generally opts when problems like child abuse, misbehaviour start jumping in. Usually, all members are asked to join in or sometimes the victims and the person whose behaviour is affecting the family are invited. It is recommended to maintain a healthy relationship between the family members.

Results of family counselling:

  • The improved relationship among family members
  • Better communication and stronger bonds.
  • Resolved conflicts
  • A healthy environment to live in.

Guidance and career counselling:

Guidance and career counselling are usually taken less seriously as compared to the other types of counselling. Bright students are often left with no choice but to become doctors or engineers. It may bring a student’s performance to zero. It helps students in identifying their skill, interests and personality. Career counselling helps confused students in choosing, changing or leaving a career path.

Results of career counselling on students and society:

  • Improved confidence
  • Improved performance
  • Bright future


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