Imagine the scene
You’re meeting a friend and they’re running late — what do you do?
You’re 5 minutes early to a meeting — what do you do?
You’re traveling solo on the train, the bus or in a taxi — what do you do?
You’re walking down the street by yourself (or even with a friend)— what do you do?

You do what (mostly) all of us do.

You reach for your phone, dive into the distraction of Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, emails, and scroll away. Doing anything to not just be. Until, our friend arrives, the meeting starts, we get to our destination, or we have a near miss with a fellow pedestrian.

We all do this. It’s the world we live in. However, I want to share a secret (that everyone knows) with you.

When we let ourselves just be, magic happens.

When we sink into the moments of quiet — waiting for a friend, waiting for a meeting, waiting to arrive — that time provides the perfect opportunity to think. To let our minds wander. And how magical is that?

In these moments of “waiting”, ideas will spark in action. The answers to the questions you’ve been trying to answer, will arrive. And the opportunities that have been trying to get your attention, will.

Give yourself 5–10 minutes

The next time you find yourself with “waiting” time, I ask you to try this: leave your phone where it is, sink into the moment and let your mind wander. I promise you, you’ll discover the most wonderful things.


  • Jess Ratcliffe

    Coach + Founder, Unleash Your Extraordinary

    Hello, I’m Jess Ratcliffe – I’m a coach for high potential individuals with big ambitions and the founder of Unleash Your Extraordinary - a transformative framework for rapid personal growth. Over the past decade, I’ve been turning ideas into reality — from starting my first startup in my teens to building products in London, San Francisco, gaming, digital healthcare and teams big and small. And I’ve become an “expert” at rebuilding yourself – particularly after set-backs and life-threatening diagnoses.