We live in a very dynamic time, One where there are very few constants and in such times of uncertainty and surprise, For any organization pivoting is an important skill. Whether it a ‘way of doing something’ or the ‘something’ that they are doing.

The changes, especially for an organization in its first few years are extremely drastic and impact the whole infrastructure: physical, technological and emotional. ‘The Power of Pivot’ for any organization is integral to thrive and it’s derived from the superpower of values and culture.

A great culture links the people, the human aspect of the business and that evolves the business. no matter how far the vision maybe or as rough the road may be, it gives the company the ability to reshape without breaking.
It allows it to change which is often inevitable, without that affecting its ability.

We personally have taken changes so drastic to stay strong in the market, which would have been improbable to anticipate at an earlier time but the only reason the pivot was possible without literary reckoning everything, was the culture.
Build an H2H connection, its as important as any another part if it isn’t way more.
Remember, this is the team that is going to take you where you want and you hired them because you believe they are and you need to make sure you make them believe that they are and make it possible for them to be able to take the company there. When you switch turns, it affects them as they are a part and they need to know ‘why’ and have the interest, because that is what is going to make that turn not just a good and smooth one but one that is possible without wrecking everything. The Only way it can be done is through them having an interest towards it, feeling towards it, being connected on a more than employer-employee relationship, and that is what a culture embeds, ‘Care’ and ‘Connect’ on both the sides, a deper sense. ..

I read this phenomenal book a few years ago that really helped build up our culture as an organization and my outlook towards the non-psychical (excluding virtual: tech, IP’s) part of a work environment: the emotional and the well-being state – Hit Refresh by Satya Nadella.
Of how a great conversation is more valuable then a couple of bean bags and a dozen M&M machines around the office- A great culture builds a great company and a great company survives a lot that a good company couldn’t imagine going through.

Culture is the immunity of an organization: Against outside and inside threats. It does not act as a binding agent or gives the company something to do: It helps everyone be close enough that they do not require a binding agent and catalyses whatever happens with motivation, input and interest.

A culture of a company should not just reflect a single view, it should reflect the vision it looks every day at, the mission it stands for and the intuition that builds it.