Why Death Is Your Friend

Death is nothing, but to live defeated is to die every day.

Napoleon Bonaparte

Death is one of those words that makes people tremble with fear. Because it simply signifies the ending of one’s life. The ending of a person’s story.

Some chose to not think about it and they try to live their lives as if it wouldn’t last. And I have nothing against it.

But what could be the effect if you will acknowledge that at a certain point of your life you will die? That you will leave everything behind what you’ve been having for in your entire life.

Will that even makes a difference in how you treat the people around you? Will it make you better when it comes to making decisions? Will you be able to spend your time wisely? Will you become a great partner, parent, or a child when you know you only have months to live? Will you do everything to achieve your dreams?

The answer is definitely yes. You will become a better version of yourself if you know your time’s ticking.

Is Acknowledging Death A Bad Thing?

Death is necessary to every living creature on this planet. It comes in every form. Whether by a disease, an accident, age, and the most unacceptable to all is by intention. We all know that everyone must die.

Is death really a bad thing? If you ask me, my answer is no. It isn’t.

When you recognize your time is already measured, you will go far beyond your limit. You will risk everything to have what is supposed to be yours without hurting others. You will use your time carefully. You will stop procrastinating and you’ll live your life with purpose. Because you’re aware that you may not have the next tomorrows.

The only reason that makes death a bad thing is when we often disassociate life to death. In fact, death is already a part of being alive. Because it is a gentle reminder that you are not immortal. That you should be sensible on how you should spend and live your life.

Is Acknowledging Death A Positive Thing?

Romans would even hire slaves and their only job was to whisper these words

Respice post te, hominem te esse memento, memento mori – nam mors indecepta. “

Which means

Look behind you, remember that you are human, remember that you will die—for Death is inevitable.”

Some would even wear rings and medallions with words “memento mori” engraved on it to remind them that they will die.

But acknowledging death doesn’t mean you should live your life fearing it. Acknowledging it should help you appreciate life more and it should help you break free and do your best to becoming a better human.

Knowing you’ll die will give you a sense of purpose and urgency. It will make you realize you can’t stay in this world for eternity. And that life is indeed short.

But as what Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

It is not the length of life, but the depth of life.”

So live your life. If you’re depressed, don’t quit. Fight. Because your life is worth living. See how far you’ll go until it will end. But don’t end it with your own hands. Let it take you to the next life when your due. But for now, live.

In Conclusion:

It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.”

Marcus Aurelius

For some, I know this is some morbid stuff to write about. But my intention is to remind you and to open your eyes that death is the ultimate reason to see that everybody’s life is precious. Because of death, you will know how to live.

If you know somebody that honestly broke your heart when they died, it only meant that they’ve done something good while they’re still alive. Because they did something to you that made you love them that much. You are a living example of how magnificent they are as a person. Even if you can’t hold them physically now, you know that somewhere inside you, you can still feel their warmth.

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