Auto detailing includes exterior wash and waxing, vacuum cleaning of the interior, window cleaning, and polishing all automotive surfaces. Automotive detailing is not limited to cars only. Heavy-duty trucks like those equipped by heavy equipment hauling companies also require fine detailing for a cleaner look.

In this article, we will discuss what is auto detailing? Why is detailing essential for heavy vehicles, and how can truck seat covers protect and restore dirty seats.

What does auto detailing service include?

Car wash and detailing are different. The focus of the car wash is on the exterior. Detailing also involves the interior of the car, along with polishing and window cleaning. Automotive detailing is offered in most large car wash centers. However, a newer concept is mobile auto detailing in Calgary. Heavy-duty trucks with mounted water containers are used for automotive detailing as they come right to your door.

Duration of auto detailing

Typically it takes around four to five hours to detail a car. However, heavy-duty vehicles like those used in heavy equipment hauling require more time for detailing than regular vehicles. Auto detailing of these heavy-duty trucks is done in segments, and it can take up to three days to complete.

Automotive detailing can involve:

●        Exterior washing

●        Cleaning and clearing the interior

●        Polishing/waxing surfaces

●        Tire cleaning

●        Window detailing

●        Add-ons like paint touchups and engine work

Cleaning and clearing

The first thing to do in automotive detailing is to clean the exterior. On average, it takes around 15-30 minutes to wash the exterior, depending on the body. Modern auto detailing centers in Calgary often use washbots to conserve time and efficiency in washing and clearing the exterior surface.

After the exterior, the next step is clearing the interior. Efficient vacuum cleaners can save a lot of energy in clearing the interior of the vehicle. For heavy-duty trucks, interior cleaning and clearing also involve the mounted tanks/tops. Some auto detailing companies in Calgary take extra charges for clearing these extensions.

Waxing and polishing:

The next step after getting done with interiors and exteriors is waxing and shining. Much like vinyl protectant, wax protects the vehicle from dust. These waxes are dirt-resistant, but the application should be smooth. Always remember to remove leftover wax as it can attract dust.

Polishing involves the application of leather or vinyl polish as a shiny layer. It increases the shine of the matte and steel surfaces. Some centers of auto detailing in Calgary also use rust-resistant polishes for longer-lasting results.

Tire and window work:

After detailing the interior and exterior, the next step is window work. Windows and doors of a vehicle have a protective coating. Dust often gets trapped around the edges of the window and door coverings. Opening and cleaning the protective covers of windows and doors is essential for a more refined look. Below-average detailers often miss this part of detailing work, and that is why it is hard to find the best auto detailing in Calgary.

Tire detailing involves polishing and dressing the tires. It also consists of the rim work. The detailer may also apply a clear coat layer on your tires and wheels as a permanent solution.

Dust-resistant seat covers:

The best seat covers are stain-resistant. Original seats of vehicles can get salt stains which are very hard to remove. Heavy-duty seat covers for trucks are designed to sustain harsh handling. Seat covers of full-sized trucks used in heavy equipment hauling require special attention. These trucks are more exposed to harsh environments. Heavy-duty seat covers for the truck should handle the friction more efficiently. The salt and dust can get trapped in truck seats. Using truck seat covers is the best prevention against wear and tear and should be the number one option to preserve seats.

The benefits of heavy-duty seat covers for trucks are:

●        dust-resistant

●        durable and reliable

●        best for harsh handling

●        can sustain extreme temperatures

●        easy to clean

●        can save a lot of time in detailing

●        protect original seats with better efficiency

Detailing for full-sized trucks:

Many car wash centers offer car detailing. However, there are only a few auto-detailing companies in Calgary that also provide services to detail full-sized trucks. Such trucks are often used in heavy equipment hauling companies. It requires special skills and equipment to detail clean the heavy haulers.

The detailing for a full-sized truck involves:

●        High-pressure washing

●        Ozone treatment for removing the foul odours

●        High-quality services for windshields/rock chip repairs

●        Salt-stain removal from the truck seats

●        Headline cleaning services

●        Leather cleaning and conditioning

●        Polishing and Anti-UV waxing

Detailing a full-sized truck or heavy hauler is difficult. The good news is, there are auto detailing companies that offer these services for heavy-duty vehicles as well.

Auto detailing can bring back the original look of your vehicle. Detail car cleaning also involves interior car detailing. Full-sized trucks or heavy haulers also require regular detailing for efficient working. Only a few autos detailing companies in Calgary provide these above-average services for over-dimensional carriers as well. It is easy to install seat covers, and it protects against dust and staining. It is easier to clean the seat covers rather than the original seats. Heavy-duty seat covers for trucks make the detailing process easier and comfortable.