I recently discovered how identity is so important. Especially when you start to lose your own. For as long as I can remember as a little girl, I wanted to be a mum. Three boys and one girl. A peaceful life fixing my husband’s tie each morning as he left for work and to be this amazing mum who will raise these powerful children who will do great in this world. Never dreamt of a big wedding or a prince or an extravagant life, just to be this great mum. Six years ago I gave birth to my incredibly innovative son and twenty months later I had my sunshine daughter. They are the most incredible gift and a bundle of joy. We were a picture-perfect family. But I was far from the amazing mum I imagined myself to be. I was stressed with all the expectation that I had put on myself, trying to have and do things like in movies and magazines. Tired and exhausted from lack of sleep, my relationship with my husband was slipping. I got a taste of why couples drift apart. This was huge and scary for someone who used to be cynical of failed marriages, questioning “why would they do that to their children”. I wasn’t present to enjoy the dream life I imagined as a girl. I was losing my identity…. I didn’t know who I was and certainly did not know how to fix it.

Around that time my mother stayed with us for three months to give us extra support. Soon I noticed her taking a pill every day and I asked what it was for. She replied, “ooh nothing just my joint pain”. She has taken it for over 3 years. I googled the medicine which was ibuprofen, discovered it’s side effects especially on her tummy, in which she had a problem prior to visiting us. Got her diagnosed with arthritis and we researched the causes of her pain. Then a friend happens to gift me a book called Food is Better Medicine than Drugs and included a section on Arthritis. She stopped taking the painkiller. To ease and manage her pain she had physiotherapy, appropriate and supportive shoes and massages, along with following the diet and supplement protocol on the book. In just over one month, she was free of the pain that she used to have every time she took a step. I felt so empowered to be able to help my mum in this small way after all she has done for us, I dug deeper into the power of food….

But there were problems.
1. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to food. Everyone! – confused.com I didn’t  know who was right and who was wrong
2. It seemed the whole diet thing is so hard to sustain and people just don’t seem to get the hang of it and always left feeling defeated and let down. – I don’t need any more stress and struggle in my life
3. The ones who succeed on a diet seem to be leading this alienated life full of restrictions on things you don’t eat and do – I LOVE Food no one can stop me.

None of these ideas suited me and I was left feeling more confused and defeated than ever. Meanwhile, I was suffering from some health issues. I was always tired and moody, had no energy to do anything. Started experiencing postnatal depression along with the additional stress of trying to get mortgage/house for over two years.

With my husband’s support and encouragement, I started my course for Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching with The Institute of Health Science. As my study progressed and knowledge about the power of food grew, small changes were implemented around the house. My confidence, overall health greatly improved but most of all my Energy! I had the energy to continue with my studies and be there for my children and play with them. It took some time, however now I can happily say that I love, celebrate and enjoy food more so than ever before – I feel empowered and in control and my tummy, skin, nails, hormones, waist, and mood have benefited greatly. As did my husband, who works in finance with long stressful hours and our relationship.

My Healthy Eating Mantra:

1. Balance & Variety is the Key
2. Eat lot of vegetables – make them main or majority of most meals (not just cold boring salads)
3. Nourished Body + Nourished Mind = Happy YOU
4. Never EVER Ever Ever Ever feel guilty about what you’re eating – Enjoy it and Move On!

Looking back the hormonal changes and imbalances combined with not being correctly educated and empowered to sufficiently fuel and feed my body and mind with the right food and nutrient it requires to sustain and energise, this was the base foundation of all of my issues.

Now I understand it’s not about a diet, calories counts or restriction or deprivation; it’s about balance, right structure and knowledge; everyone is unique and it’s about discovering and finding the way of eating that suits just you and the life you wish to lead.

I wish for you to find YOURS because it is so worth it.