What is this RED THING above my eye?

A pimple? A rash?

Did I use any new makeup?

New laundry detergent?

I couldn’t figure it out.

I’ve been blessed in the skin department.

I’ve never struggled with acne, eczema, blackheads, excessive wrinkles, oily or dry skin.

But then this THING popped up. Almost like a red rash, only above one eye.


That pesky unwanted guest.

But I guess I invited it in.

This past summer, our family traveled a lot. It was always our dream to go East to West in Canada. 

One week in July at a cottage up North.

Two weeks in Prince Edward Island in August.

One week in Alberta in September.

Followed by our 10 year wedding anniversary the weekend we returned.

Hello dinner with champagne and wine.

My body was giving me clues.

That the choices I made, although insanely fun, didn’t agree with my gut.

I noticed my pants were a bit tighter. I was drinking that extra cup of coffee at 2pm, and then this RED EYE THING!

It took me a bit to piece it together and I cut myself some slack.

The reality is that falling “off track” is completely normal and it happens to EVERYONE.

It may not necessarily be health related.

But everyone has moments where they eat and drink too much, scroll the newsfeed, call in “sick” and binge Netflix, or take the trip when they’re broke.

The truth is, creative brains wander.

And the most passionate people crave new experiences.

That’s the blessing and curse with being creative.

You see everything as exciting and new.

You always have fresh eyes making it easy to be distracted.

If that’s you, embrace it!

I wouldn’t change a THING about our travels this past summer and celebrations of milestones in our life.

Being in the mountains of Alberta, I realized how much I miss being in nature. Hiking, running, swimming. My laptop lifestyle gives me freedom. I better start taking advantage of it.

Eating the fresh seafood in PEI, made me realize that I enjoy less meat and love fresh seafood. I see some meatless Mondays and fresh fish Fridays in our future.

Sitting in the “Muskoka Room” (a gorgeous screened in porch) at our cottage rental lit a fire under my bum in business to make more offers and launch more products to create the income and impact I want.

Celebrating 10 years of marriage with my love, over incredible dinner and drinks, I realized that we need more dates.

Or more importantly, alone time together. Away from coaching, and raising our awesome little dude, and managing the household.

Distractions bring perspective.

Next time your mind wanders or you wander ask yourself :

  1. What am I craving?
  2. What is this worth?
  3. What did I discover?

The distraction may be the direction you were meant to go after all.

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