To judge someone else’s behaviour is to compare their actions and life to your own, then innocuously decide that you are right!

To call someone’s behaviour stupid, crazy or moronic is to judge them against your own beliefs and values, then smuggly believe you are right about those too!

Disagreeing with people’s actions will always be our choice. But to have no understanding of their motives and blindly denegrate them, without idea of their why?

I got pretty used to doing that too…

But I am coming to realise that casting stones from my own glasshouse, does not change a single thing in this world!

I’m ready to try anew! Signs of deep unhappiness and unrest in the world or your neighbourhood, will never be fixed in a Facebook post, that’s for sure!

Nor, by do-gooders casting aspersions from a distance, not ever having experienced the world of those apparent ‘misbehavers’ acting outside of the golden ‘Do-Gooders Rulebook’.

Don’t bother yourself looking for it….There’s only one copy and only ever one print!

How do we stop an army of followers? That’s what we have now isn’t it? Social media guarantees that! The keyboard warriors who attack anything dissimilar to their own opinions…

Who belittle and vanquish in the name of what is right. The question is, whose rights?

How can we ever fix a problem if we don’t really understand what the problem is?

These times are different and difficult, but everyone seems to have the answers! We each think, “I disagree with that,” so we plop our reply at the bottom of some post and feel relieved we have ‘done’ something. What have we done though? Relieved ourselves from the hurt and pain we feel inside because someone has the audacity to think differently? Wow, haven’t we come a long way? Not!

What seems right to you? Ask yourself, like you’re reading the question for the first time. Your opinions are never without inbuilt bias.

Stretch your mind to investigate more than what’s in the news, more than what we’re told at surface level. Question and see that any problem can only ever be ‘fixed’ from searching deep inside your own heart. From self awareness of why you think the way you do! Why many of our own opinions are truly preconceived!

They belong to a generation of us, and those before that! We are all only, a sum of our parts. Our own experiences have shaped us into who we are. Plus the experiences of our care givers, our families, our peer groups and our historical evolution.

What gives us the right to believe that our experiences have been more heartfelt? Or, why it gives us more right to behave in a certain way? Is it our right to judge and hold up for criticism the historical evolution of others?

Showing compassion particularly to those who behave differently, is understanding that no two experiences have ever been the same. What should hold us together is the human commonality. We mostly all want the same! The people acting outside of our moral handbooks are the people we really need to understand. A preparedness to do this….This is a truer sign of maturity than angry words on a Facebook post!

Do-gooders are only comfortable in their safety zones. When all the ducks are lined up in a row! Trouble is, they lash out when the ducks u-turn and fly South when they are are supposed to be heading North. It’s a control thing!

Some warped notion that any fluctuation in emotion is a profoundly dangerous thing. It’s not! In fact it’s an honourable thing. Being true to yourself is about letting go of control and allowing life to be lived. Withholding judgement or comment of how ridiculous others are, or may seem, is a truly unselfish thing!

Do-gooders are usually the ones who have played so safely, they haven’t played at all! Snug and warm in a cocoon of self doubt. To appease their own lack, they freely criticise others. The modus operandi? Keep everyone small, then no one gets to feel bad! For many the only risk in life ever taken, is writing something mean on a Facebook post! Hold your breath and post!

It’s easy to rationalise and justify these safe little actions because do-gooders are the keepers of morality. Not only theirs but everybody’s. We must never forget they are ‘right’ to be self righteous, they are the conciousness of the world!

Except they’re not!

I know one thing! Nothing ever changes without the movers and the shakers of the world. Without the minorities if too scared to speak out. Without the courage of the ‘one’ who starts a revolution, who doesn’t care for popular opinion, who stretches their mind, then committs it to action.

Disagree all you like but changemakers are the heroes of the world. The ones who didn’t sit in their own comfort and throw stones.

No, they are the ones challenging the status quo. Believing in something bigger than themselves. Trusting their instincts and intuition and fighting the good fight.

It doesn’t really matter what the rest of us think. We only want to challenge from a safe place with words that mean little, to the lives in full motion experiencing the turmoil and upheaval. We behave like we ‘know’. How can we?

I’ve come to realise this now and while I pray for peace, I will not judge those I cannot understand because I have not walked in their shoes, seen life through their eyes or feel what they felt!

Perhaps I never can!

We will never have a world completely free of tension and uprising, but understanding the signs and symptoms of why they occur is definitely going to help…

More than sticking your head into a bucket of sand, or quoting statistics from an online source that can suit any author any time they choose…Or, dipping into Rule no 9 from page number 6 of the ‘Do-Gooders Handbook’….’You shalt do as I say, not as I do!’ A moral high horse that never really neighs…

Let people fight their own battles without comment, if it’s not your fight! Our opinion is not in the mix anyway!

Be brave enough to speak when it’s your cause, your turn, when it is coming from deep inside your heart. When it really matters to you! Otherwise nothing really matters at all!

You are simply being a do-gooder who’s up to no good! Maybe we all need to start catching a few stones instead of throwing them! What do you think?