1.Once a person has an ideal, his or her life is bound to change drastically.

The first is the visible progress, such as doing things to become motivated.

In the past, you always thought that you could complete the task and deliver on time.

But now even if no one asks you to do it, you will take the initiative to do what you have decided to do. Even if you do not see the results for a while, but you are also willing to keep paying.

Because when you invest a lot of time and energy , you will continue to require feedback, these feedback has good and bad.

Good feedback can let you progress, such as long-term experience can let you continue to refine their ability. For example, when you encounter more complex things, you can quickly determine the root cause of the problem, so as to quickly solve the problem.

And bad feedback will allow you to push yourself backwards to identify the problem, so as to avoid making the same mistake next time.

If you choose your ideal, stick to it once without any regret.  

2.After having an ideal, the first thing you will realize is that time is more precious than before.

You are not willing to squander your time like before, but feel that your time is getting less and less.

I remember when I first graduated from college, I was a person with no direction at all.

At that time, with the mentality of looking for a job as long as there is a job to make money, I tried a lot, but most of them ended in failure.

The same thing to now, I will definitely see if this thing can be done. If it is not done or not done well, I will refuse at the beginning, or do is a vicious circle.

When you know exactly where you want to spend your time, you will feel that your time is becoming more and more precious, even if the other party offers you rich conditions that satisfy you, you will also refuse.

For example, if the other party offers you a salary that satisfies you and good benefits, if you agree to it, most of the time you will go for the conditions and not really love it, so in the end you will still leave.

If you really master the ability to master the relevant needs, you will go farther, earn more, and will not give up what you have insisted on for a long time because of the immediate benefits.

A saying goes, “Once a person finds something he or she is willing to pay for, even if they die poor, he or she is willing to persevere.”

This used to be heard as a joke, but recently thought of it is meaningful, especially after you really find that direction.

So, prefer to stand high than see far. The things can not get now, does not mean can not get later.

Just like today, you are growing, then you can see through things and learn more than before. So this time is more expensive than before, right?

3. I recently thought about something, the reality is that most of the winners tend not to go fast, but to go steady.

There are stars coming up every day in our sky, and at the same time, there are stars falling every day. Only the Sun hangs in the sky forever. The glaciers in the ocean keep melting into edr1rxd1 water filter and rebuild by again.

The ability to do above relies mainly on steadiness, not speed. Do you know why?

because when others start to go downhill, and you have been steadily climbing upward.

Although the process is very tired and boring, bu the road you take is always the best choice, and go downhill is actually doomed from the beginning to get out.

Sometimes,not all efforts are immediately able to see the results but need a longer period of refinement.

Maybe someone with a year, can walk through the road which we need more than ten years to finish.

As ordinary people, we often need to use ten years of accumulation, to reach the last harvest, It’s seem like a long process but such gains often come more solid and stable.

Sometimes don’t turn to complaints when “luck” doesn’t come to you. Keeping improving your ability, and then show your best when “luck” comes.

Sharing with you an old saying which is from Socrates: “There is no greater joy in the world than to strive for an ideal.”I would like to pay tribute to everyone who fighting for their ideal, and I hope you can ride the waves and finally realize it!