They Chase us, we chase others!

May 21, 2016 was a blue moon day, very thrilled I walked out of my room into my balcony to look for the blue moon.

I instantly started looking at the bright stars, the stars twinkling far away behind the trees and huge buildings, in no time I was just there stargazing.

My mom’s voice pulled me back as she asked me what was I doing there. I realized I forgot what was I there for and quickly looked back into the sky searching for the moon but it silently slipped behind the clouds and disappeared long ago and Mom said,

Darling! You lost the moon while counting stars, as she looked at my disappointed face.

We have a group of people who love us for who we are yet we are always after that one person who doesn’t really care about us. We change ourselves for them-the way we talk, our lifestyle, the way we dress and we also go beyond what we can do to be friends with them.

I have people who I can always count on, our relationships are strong and our expectations are reciprocated all the time. I also have some people in life who I thought I was close with but eventually I understood I had non-reciprocal relationships with them.

The expectations are not set right here you don’t know what to expect from them .You put a lot of efforts all the time but you won’t get anything in return, you hurt yourself in the process yet you won’t stop putting in your efforts. When this happened to me I tried to analyze this and I realized I also overlooked some people who are really good to me.

But why do we do this?

We always chase things which are out of our reach. We want everyone to accept us. We always think about people who disagree with us rather than people who agree with us. We worry about things we don’t have instead of appreciating the things we have.

What I get is what I give!

This simple thing keeps me closer to the people I like and away from others. You don’t have to go through that hurtful process where you put in a lot of efforts and you get nothing back. When your efforts and feelings are reciprocated you create some happy and positive relationships in life.