Why do we stay in jobs/relationships/careers that clearly don’t work?

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Sometimes it’s easier to pretend like things are going better than they actually are. That way we can avoid feeling disappointment, anger, frustration, or other icky things.

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Recently I had a client who was wasting a LOT of money on advertising that wasn’t working. It took about 3 minutes of awkwardness and facing the truth to SHIFT their business onto a path of less wasted time and money, more focus and function, clear intentions, increased profits, and 3 new clients in 30 days. More importantly, two highly-paid attorneys were relieved from their “tweet” duties, which they had been obliged to for nearly two years.

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SHIFTS can happen quickly when you face the truth, my friends. This works in both your professional and personal life. What have you been avoiding? Today is a good day to bring that our in the open and clear it away. Make room for all the good that has been waiting to fill that space. Let me know what SHIFTS happen for you. Happy Monday!