Imagine yourself reading an inspirational quote about success that makes you jump up from your lazy slumber, receiving a great piece of advice from a friend that just makes your day! What happens next? It works. You’re energized, you promise to work, keep working for your goal till you achieve it.

Temporarily, such techniques just slay it. You really start making positive changes. But few hours later or let’s just say weeks later, are you as motivated in action as right now?

The answer to this would be ‘No’ in most cases. The impact lessens, distractions seep in. Say you remind yourself about the quote to get motivated again, but time has already diluted the effect of it within those hours. Such is our human brain: feed it with novelty , still it goes haywire!

Although it comes naturally to some people to act more and work hard and some acquire it, but almost all of us are prone to distractions. Swear on it, but you might just break it days later.

A friend of mine told me once how she used to depend on different hacks, from reading inspirational books to watching peace-giving videos to keep herself productive. But one day, she stopped doing it all together. It’s not that they were of no help at all. But, she did realize that she was depending on all kinds of stuff but ONE to gather the positivity to get things done: her inner spirit!

The answer lies within ourselves. If we can’t find peace and happiness there, it’s not going to come from the outside.- Tenzin Palmo

Well, inner forces are always more effective and there would never be a dearth of supply. You ought to keep yourself a chance too, else hacks would remain as fleeting as ever.

Nurther yourself with your inner wisdom first, then comes the rest!

So, how to deal with life’s issues with this?

There’s no fixed recipe to put our fingers on. But, the best regime is a mix up of the dos and dont’s we have already heard of, but ignored to put up with because it was too basic and not an offbeat, magical solution! Well, sometimes, doing regular stuff in the right way works like magic too. Amidst all this, one thing that that doesn’t change-The possibility of a solution. Either you make it happen or get it served, it’s your take.

Not a single trouble knocks you without a solution map hidden close by, it’s just that it’s written in some cryptic form. We might have to play a hit and trial game before we land upon the solution that suits us best! The Nos and Yos to look for, however boring they sound, are:

  • Don’t let distractions win over monotony. No route to success is identical but there’s something: embrace monotony, it will show its colors later. Every success story, however glossy on the front page, has the same timeline on every page. So even if it kills you, keep doing the same thing till you make money out of monotony.
  • While leading a routine life, it seems as if we are stagnating without progress. Actually, the progress is so slow you might fail to measure it. But that doesn’t mean it is not there. It will show up, just don’t get bored too quickly, as in years or so.
  • Consistency is not anything less than a lifetime of commitment. If you’re scared of commitments, there’s a high chance you might suck at consistency too. Be patient, try focusing at one task at a time, be more than interested in stuff and you’ll eventually acquire this. You better do because trust me, it’s one of the most important qualities to make a learning experience worthy.

Now why did I use ‘experience’ and not theory? Let’s find out:

  • Experiences are the best life lessons. Reading or listening to good stuff is great, but experiencing things is a level up. Once you switch to practice, you will get to know how accurate or flawed the life hacks are. Don’t worry about failing, it’s as natural as breathing. Be bold enough to fail thousand times and still give another try.
  • Don’t wait for someone to read your mind and find out how much mess you are in. You need help? ask for it. Don’t think much about it. Don’t feel pathetic if they don’t help. Don’t conclude you have no friends or you’re better off alone. The world’s gigantic, you’ll find people on the same page as you are, just keep searching!

Watch them fly, be carefree like them, don’t be scared they would shit on you..
  • You’ve got new ideas? Great, now act on them. Share them. Want to give it a try? Just go for it. Again I say this, put the know-how into practical use in any form. Remember, even flawed actions are better than the perfect thoughts!

Theory remains a theory till practice hits us hard and gives a reality check we need but hardly ask for.

Now, pick up your favorite one and follow them, this way you’ll suck a little less in life. Chill, just joking!

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