On public social networking sites like Facebook we share our day to day activities with our friends and acquaintances, on Linkedin we share our professional interest and experiences, but where do we share our intimate family moments? Is it time to go for a private social media App to stay connected with the people that matters most in our lives?

Why are we broadcasting our family life with the whole world?

For privacy and security reasons, public social networks are not ideal for sharing or communicating intimate family moments. For sharing the most intimate and private emotions with your family you need an environment which is a bit more personal, which not only connects you to your family , but also allows you to inspire each other to be active & appreciate your each other without unnecessarily broadcast everything to the whole world.

Families are getting scattered

Globalization is making families to go
scattered throughout the globe. So social media is like our only realistic communication channel for us. On regular social media sites, updates and notifications from our scattered loved ones gets lost in the crowd of lots of less important ones. Lack of communication is affecting our relationship ties with our loved ones and we are losing connection with most of our extended families.

Inspire and appreciate

One of the most amazing feeling in life is to know that your family is proud of your achievements and the thought of you raises their heads in happiness. Their recognition inspires us more than anything in our life. Similarly sometimes just we want to appreciate what we do for each other, not matter how small or how big it is. But due to not having the appropriate platform to express these feelings, they remain unsaid and unknown.

Can’t we just have a social network for our families only?

I think what we need is a social network which will be a little bit more family friendly! Perhaps one with private social networking facilities to keep only your family members connected to each other. Everything gets shared with your family only, so more privacy and you get more filtered updates from the people that matters in your life. Some of the social networks like CircleCare already realized the importance and coming up with family friendly app.

Don’t lose focus

Social networks are supposed to keep us connected to our loved ones, improve communication & engagement between us. But unfortunately many of the regular social networking sites are becoming a place for getting exposed to violent content, marketing stunts and cyber bullying. We are becoming so engaged and disturbed by these things, we are losing focus from the people for whom we have started using social media in the first place – Our families.


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