Whether you follow the teachings of Kriya Yoga or any other path, you may be wondering how you can truly be fulfilled by spiritual awakening. How – and why – does spiritual awakening lead to fulfillment, and how can you truly feel fulfilled?

Can I Be Fulfilled Without Being Spiritually Awakened? 

If you’re already happy with your life now, you may think that you’re fulfilled. But, chances are that at some point in the future, things in your life may change – a relationship may end, you may lose your job, or you may go through some other tough times. 

Will you be fulfilled then? Will you be happy? The answer may be “no.” If you are not connected to the spiritual side of yourself – and are focusing primarily on worldly “fulfillment,” you may no longer feel fulfilled once your material circumstances or personal situation change.

That’s why spiritual awakening is so important. If you can awaken to the true nature of yourself and reality, you will be able to feel fulfilled, satisfied, and happy in any situation that life throws at you – and remain content with your position in the world.

What Does It Mean To Be Spiritually Awakened?

To be spiritually awakened means to understand the reality of the world and of the divine self – to be able to look beyond your physical circumstances and yourself to understand the true dimension of the world, and the nature of reality.

In other words, becoming spiritually awakened means that you are able to look past yourself and your surroundings, and become more open to the spiritual, mystical, divine nature of the world, and of yourself. Another term for spiritual awakening is “enlightenment.” 

Meditation is one of the most common ways to work toward spiritual awakening and enlightenment. By meditating and clearing your mind, you are able to become a vessel for the true essence of reality – and to connect more deeply with the spiritual and metaphysical world that surrounds you.

Spiritual Awakening Helps You Lead A Fulfilled Life By Realizing You Are Innately Whole 

When you realize what spiritually awakened living really means, you’ll quickly find out that it’s impossible to not live a fulfilled life after becoming truly awakened to your spirit – and to the divine reality of the world.

In the tradition of Kriya Yoga, spiritual awakening is awakening to the true reality of the self – the truth that the self is already innately whole, full, and complete. For true fulfillment, you do not need more than the self. 

The divine self contains within it everything that one needs to feel fulfilled, happy, and secure – it’s simply a matter of coming to realize this, and take the steps required to unlock this sense of inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment. 

This is a natural step if you have truly become spiritually awakened – by awakening your spirit, you’ll begin to see through the misconceptions and untruths of how the world is perceived by others – and its true nature will be revealed to you.

A Spiritually-Awakened, Fulfilled Life Helps You Live According To Dharma

You may sometimes hear practitioners of Kriya Yoga refer to a spiritually-awakened life as a life that “follows dharma.” But what is dharma, and what does dharma mean?

Literally translated, the term “dharma” means “right direction” or “rightful duty.” It means finding your calling in life – and being able to combine both your inner wisdom and the cosmic guidance of the world to determine the right path to follow in your life.

In essence, dharmic living means that you are living in a way that’s in accordance with the spiritual world – and that you will be able to continue to gain a deeper understanding of the mysteries of the self, the spirit, and the world.

Kriya Yoga Can Help You Live An Awakened, Fulfilled Life! 

If you are new to the world of spiritualism and mysticism, these concepts may seem difficult to understand – or to put into practice. That’s why Kriya Yoga is such a helpful framework for your new spiritual life.

Kriya Yoga is not a religion, but a spiritual practice that can help you integrate ideas and experiences from other religions and spiritual explorations – bringing them together to help you achieve enlightenment, self-realization, and spiritual fulfillment. So start exploring this unique form of yoga, and see how you can live a spiritually-awakened, fulfilled life.