When we were born into this world, we were merely illuminating our true nature, the soul. During the life development process, we learned about the external world through our senses, observed the behavior and patterns, and created our perception. The family, society, our culture, and the nation all feed us with an identity which we believed as the ultimate truth. Therefore, we worked according to our own self-identity (ego), which merely serves as the means for our survival. However, we get attached to our self-identity and forget our true nature, which is full of abundance and joy. This is our life journey when we are attached to the material world and forget our own spiritual nature.

Who does not want to be loved, accepted, and appreciated! It’s no surprise that everyone internally wants to connect to this space of peace and harmony. We take different paths and external means to discover the path to the truth. However, we encounter disappointment and grief whenever we try to seek happiness through external objects. This experience must raise an important question for introspection. Why does our mind feel restless and always search to gain/pursue material pursuits? The answer lies in understanding how our mind and heart work together.

Many self-realized people have shared that the wisdom of life lies within ourselves. They have also stated that whatever we put our heart-our love, our mind gets attached to that form. So, if we place our heart on the material world, our thoughts and emotions will be attached to the perishable object. Even research states that the more we develop the unhealthy habit that pushes us to crave, the more we strengthen our brain neural networks to go against our health and well-being. For example, overeating is one habit that highlights our emotional and mental state. 

If we live non-disciplinary and unhealthy habits, we develop a love for food and material goods. However, we should seek joy and self-knowledge that lies within all of us. If we truly seek our spiritual nature wholeheartedly, then we gradually move towards the space of love and acceptance. However, how often we take an effort to discover our true nature with our heart and mind! In order to expedite our search for authentic self, spiritual practices and guidance are offered to humanity through realized spiritual masters. Choosing a spiritual path and guidance takes patience and willingness. Everyone has a unique journey to seek our true nature, but eventually we must sincerely seek it.