Change your life with the Law of AttrACTION.

So often in life, we tend to get stuck in not getting what we want. The #LawOfAttraction is indeed powerful. However, just sitting and visualizing is not the whole story here.

Wondering how to use the Law of Attraction?

There have been books and videos providing wonderful, uplifting paths to using the Law of Attraction. However, they sometimes miss one key aspect. Though we can wish really hard, pray ceaselessly, or visualize or meditate about what we want, none of these things will come to pass without doing one vitally important thing:

The last letters of Attraction are #ACTION. Waiting for something else or someone else to come along and change our lives will NOT do it. 

What kind of action is needed to use the Law of Attraction?

Even imperfect action helps us move down the path towards getting what we want. We can always learn and change course if needed.
Positive visualizations, raising our vibrations, AND action are the keys. This way the Universe gets a clear message that you mean business.

What Is Aligned Action?

Aligned action, which is action that feels right to us, is often the best way to manifest what we want. Manifestation can occur powerfully and, in some cases, quickly with decisive action taken at a high vibration: with enthusiasm, surrender to the results and joy.

By surrendering the results of our aligned action, we loosen our grip on how exactly we want it to play out—so that we may get something even better than we wanted!

How can surrender help with our intentions and goals?

When we set our intentions, we can say something like: “I am taking action on this because I would like (for example) to make $1,000 more per month in my business (or in my job) or something better. Another example: “I am taking action on this because I would like 5 more clients this month or more.

Surrender doesn’t mean we’re giving up altogether on our goals or intentions. It makes things more fun. When we have too tight of a grip rather than taking aligned, relaxed action, we are sending an unconscious signal to the Universe: “I do not believe this will happen for me.”

Aligned, positive action, along with surrender around the results (including patience: a whole other blog topic), will help us use the Law of Attraction in a way that works!