The purpose conversation freaks a lot of people out, they would rather not go there. We have this weird warped idea that we should know why we are here and when we don’t we self deem ourselves a failure. 

I am here to tell you that we have got it all wrong and that you are never going to wake up one day and understand why you came it earth it just doesn’t work like that. 

Imagine yourself as an undercover agent and your mission if you choose to accept it is to become the fullest version of yourself whilst here on earth, only when you do that and go towards the things that light you up will the next piece of the puzzle be unveiled. 

How do we become the fullest version of ourselves I hear you cry well lets unpack that! Seven billion people on the planet all totally different each with their own special gift they can give to the world. Your job is to find out what is your gift. How do I do that I hear you cry, well start working out what it is you enjoy and consider it a clue. now go towards it and wait for further instructions. they will come but you better be ready to see the signs.

Imagine your life as one big magical breadcrumb trail your job is to see the signs be conscious enough that you can see the clues. Once we start to get on our soul path things change. Rather than feeling like you are walking in jam life will start to flow. 

Randomly the right connection will come in or magical coincidences line up, synchronicities become the norm and you feel alive. when we use what god gave us in service to the planet then things start to really get interesting.