a plate of pasta with pasta sauce, herbs and cheese

When people think of comfort food, they often think of carb-heavy, stodgy foods that aren’t that good for you. But what if I tell you that comfort foods can actually be good for you and guilt free if you want them to be too.

There’s a few reasons why – and how – this is the case.

They’re Flavourful And Delicious 

Even if you don’t think they are healthy as they could be, there is no denying that comfort foods are good for your health mentally. There is a reason certain dishes are called ‘comfort foods’ and it is because there is something warm and snuggly – and comforting – about them! A flavourful dish such as cinnamon chicken can really boost someone’s mood.

They Can Be Made Healthier

With people thinking comfort food is bad, they may try to avoid these dishes even if they make them happy. However, there is no denying that many of us crave comfort foods – and we can make them healthier if we try! Making swaps and alternating ingredients can still give us the dishes we know and love – without any of the guilt about them potentially being unhealthy. This Marry Me chicken can be made with a salty chicken broth or you can use reduced sodium if you want to make it better for you.

Comfort Food Is Beneficial To Us Too

Did you know that a study at Sewanee in 2015 found that it was associated with close relationships? If we feel lonely or isolated, comfort food can remind us of the social ties we have and help us feel a lot less lonely. We all have memories that we can connect to food, memories of people and places. This can bring nostalgia and also bring some emotional benefits too. 

The Way You Cook It Makes All The Difference

Sometimes how healthy a dish is completely depends on how you cook it. No one can deny that homemade fries in the air fryer are healthier than those that are deep fat fried and the same goes for other dishes. Utilise the appliances you have available in your home and see how you can make your comfort food favourites that little bit healthier. Spaghetti is a true comfort food but can be rather carb-heavy and feel rather unhealthy. This Instant Pot chicken spaghetti feels a lot lighter and just as delicious.

Guilt Isn’t Necessarily Bad

Guilt is often associated with doing something wrong, whether that was intentionally or accidentally. But it is important to remember that guilt isn’t necessarily bad and can sometimes be productive. If you want to enjoy some comfort food, then go ahead. Just be aware of what you are eating and try not to over indulge.

With these facts in mind, don’t forget to enjoy your easy cozy comfort food favourites when you want to. They can be beneficial, healthier and taste delicious too. Why not try one today?