Pretty much anyone you have ever spoken with associates fitness with working on your physical body, the reality is your emotional mind health is just as important as the rest of you. Some of us struggle with choices and decisions, and those are the things that face your destiny and have cultivated what your life is today. We adapt to our environments, so in reality very small choices can really impact and shape us both physically and mentally. So making sure we are in optimal emotional wellness is just as important as physical health.

Like many things that require regularity in our lives, scheduling our wellness actions is easiest to ensure we take care of ourselves, and especially take time to just BE. Many of us unconsiously give up choosing from a power position as we allow our choices to be made for us when we “go with the flow” and sometimes that works out great, but other times we can wake up confused how we got where we are and why we are not as fufilled as we want. Its one thing to allow and see what feels best and “in flow” with your happiness, its another to give up choosing and turn it over to someone else.

Decide now to change what you want, and then do the steps necessary to get “it.” Tony Robbins has said when people say it took them many many years to get where they are today that its actually just in one moment that they decided to do something and then that became the reality. Every step we take, every appointment in our planner, each moment on social media, everything we buy or eat or look at should really align with what makes our hearts sing. Following that will always leave us fufilled.

Consiously we are making decisions moment to moment, so what are you focusing on right NOW? And then NOW? Most of us focus on fear, I mean what we say is causing us stress or what we want to avoid, instead of what you are grateful for or what you are excited about. It is more common for friends to talk about what is wrong and what they do not want than what is right and what they do want. This is the first scheduling you must do after your appointment time to just BE. We all need at least 15 minutes a day of meditation or live visualization or just silence alone. Remember as Robbins teaches: Where ever focus goes energy flows, for example you think or worry about what you do not want to have happen then suddenly it happens. People often say they can’t control their feelings, but you can choose what you focus on and how your talk about it to others and to yourself. When your mind starts to focus on what is not working, redirect it gently to what is working and what you are thankful for.

Remember your mind does not know the difference between reality and what you say or think, so you may as well flood it with dreams, desires, things you are thankful for and want more of and even if you dare you can let it know you are thankful in advance for the things you have ( that you dont yet really have ). Some of the most powerful manifestors in the world swear that they do this simple exercise daily of visualizing and giving thanks for what they dream of as if it is aleady there and then suddenly or over time it appears without them trying to figure out how but instead just remaining open to how their intuition guides them. To hear this guidance we must be clear, the same way we physically operate better when we have eaten or drank healthy things, our minds operate much better and produce optimal results when we feed ourselves positive content, thinking and speaking. No matter if you miss your yoga or gym glass, your run or your green smoothie, you can practice your emotional fitness anywhere anytime with nothing needed but yourself and some positive thinking. And much like we need sleep, your mind needs to be told it can have at least 15 minutes aday of freetime to just listen to what your soul is trying to tell you. But clear away the junk so the magic can flow. ( this includes knowing when to let go of relationships that drain you too ) STAY FIT!

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