You often hear the world has become a global village, right? The doors of opportunities are open for everyone, everywhere. We hardly need to travel to hubs of businesses like New York City or London to get a promising future. 

But still, why do many of us fail to make a decent future? Why even in a global village every second person feels emotionally isolated? Why do we have hundreds of friends on social media but reluctant to share our thoughts, emotions, and sentiments with anyone? 

This ‘Why’ led to the coinage of emotional intelligence theory. The fact is, the more the world is shrinking scientifically, the more people are getting away from each other.

This lack of coherence in the lives of people led to the creation of emotional intelligence theory in 1990. Emotional intelligence was developed to make people win control over their emotions and influence others by understanding their emotional needs and desires.

An emotionally intelligent person acts calmly in unpleasant situations, shows persistence in hard times, and actively participates in social activities and most importantly, he has a deeper heart to understand people in his social circle.

There are mainly four components that emotional intelligence deals with. Let us discuss it in detail to get to know more about it.

  1. Emotional Self-Awareness: 

This theory begins with YOU. Yes, you. Identify how you get influenced, and what emotional factors play important role in your life. 

An emotionally intelligent person identifies his triggering emotions and controls them. One who controls his emotions lives a fulfilled life as compared to those who are emotionally weak and aren’t persistent with the emotional side of life.  

Here are a few tips to understand your emotions and lead a contented life.

Jolt Down Your Emotions: 

Yes, write your emotions. Keep a notebook with you and write down what makes you happy when you are around people, why you get angry, and who influences you the most. Give a few minutes to this practice daily and you will feel many psychological and emotional changes in your life.

Take a Break: 

Ever felt the peak of anger or hatred towards someone? Just take a break. Remember not to react to the moment. Just take a deep breath and think of the results your temporary emotions could bring. 

Psychologists believe the unpleasant situations influence your emotions for a few seconds if you can take a break and let the moment pass, you can save relations. 

But how do you do that?

If you are walking, take a stand. If you are standing just sit somewhere and do not let your emotions lead. Pat on your back and say this too shall pass.

  1. Self-Regulations: 

People with high emotional intelligence understand their emotions, use them to regulate self-being, and are skilled in influencing other people in their circle. 

Need some tips to regulate your emotional side of life? 

Here you go!

Don’t Play Blame Game: 

People with low emotional intelligence are very reactive to minor situations. They find any chance to blame others when they can’t handle the circumstances themselves.

Normalize accepting your faults and commit to holding yourself accountable if you are (do not take others’ blame on you obviously). It will help you strengthen your nerves and change you into a positive human being.

Understand What Matters: 

Remember the most important person in your life is ‘You’. Do accept yourself as you are. Psychologists claim those who imitate movie stars have absurd personalities. This habit fades self-love. Give value to your emotional side of life. Also don’t think of yourself as a hard-core who hardly shares his emotions. 

People who claim that only girls are emotionally driven are those who cry when they are alone. So don’t fool yourself and let your emotions flow. Emotional intelligence will change you into a better human being.

  1. Empathy (social awareness):  

An emotionally intelligent person has empathy for others. He accepts their opinions, understands their circumstances, and most importantly, he values others’ emotions. He is well aware of his collegues’ emotional needs and desires.

Get ready for some easy to act upon tips to develop empathy in your emotions. 

Read Body language:

Ever heard memes on an angry boss? I know you do. It is because the angry boss lacks emotional intelligence. He doesn’t understand if the employees are stuck in and need help – motivation.

He doesn’t care if employees are going through some psychological imbalances and want some break. What matters to him is work, work, and work. He treats his employees as robots he has hired to build assets. 

On the other hand, an emotionally intelligent person acts as a team leader and believes in the ‘together we can achieve’ motto. As a result, the team becomes loyal and enthusiastic about the company’s success. 

So, who are you? An emotionally intelligent person or want your employees to strike memes on you. LOL!

Be a Listener: 

You are going through some issues? Listen, man, nobody cares. People want others to listen to them. They do not have time to sit with you so you can share your broken heart stories or how your boss treats you unfairly or anything you name it. 

In that case, be a listener. Let people open their hearts to you. Show some social empathy. In today’s time, it is hard to find someone who listens.

  1. Relationship Management:  

Living up to your expectations is easy but what if you ought to live up to others’ expectations? 

We know it is difficult and to some extent impossible. So here emotional intelligence helps. Get ready for some relationship-saving tips from emotional intelligence theory.

Be in Someone Else’ Shoe:

You never know people around you going from some psychological trauma or what. We talked earlier that we have thousands of friends on social media but none to rely on. So, never hesitate in understanding others. Keep yourself in others’ situations to understand what they are going through. It is the habit of highly successful people. 

Do not React but respond: 

Emotionally intelligent people always wait before they respond. They do not give an unwilling reaction. Keep this healthy practice because those who are impatient always react to unpleasant circumstances around them. Whereas a person with high emotional intelligence understands the circumstances and leads as a wise man.


The world is changing a lot; the standard of life is changing. People with a deep understanding of emotional intelligence are leading from the front. 

Emotional intelligence is not an inbuilt ability but a social skill that can be learned with dedication and consistency. Be persistent in practicing this theory in your social circle and see some amazing results.

The theory can save your day because it makes you less reactive to circumstances and builds a social empathy in you. Who doesn’t want to influence others and increase his worth in people around him? Well, give a warm welcome to emotional intelligence. In the end, go ahead and lead.