Encouragers are everything and are so incredibly vital to living your masterpiece of a life. Without them you may never have the courage to follow your dreams, and to go after what you truly want. There are so many nay sayers and critical people dissecting your life and dreams that when an encourager is revealed your spirit soars. I know for sure that this is true for me. When I tell people my dream or vision for my life, I expect and most times get feedback in regards to it being difficult and advice to do something else until. But every once in awhile along comes a visionary that thinks it’s possible and encourages. Even when I doubt myself or falter, they push and encourage.

Sometimes encouragement comes in the form of little quotes or self help gurus, but I have found my most powerful encouragers have come from friends or family in my life. I just recently traveled, a trip I thought was going to be pivotal to creating the life that I want for myself. I did not know how this was going to happen , or how exactly it would lead to my best life, but I was absolutely certain that it was necessary to my development of self. Halfway through the trip with no super insights or clarification to the direction of my life I was beginning to wonder if I was wrong. I was beginning to doubt myself. But I wasn’t wrong, I was just blind to it. I was getting direction and encouragement but I was dismissing it. Two of my good friends were telling me I should go for something I didn’t believe I deserved. You see, I was still hanging on to the belief that I didn’t deserve to be happy. What they were saying I should do I didn’t think possible, I didn’t think it could possibly work. But thankfully, the night before I was supposed to leave I met with a kindred spirit that totally drove the point home. She said most forcibly that I was deserving of it, she said it with such emphasis that I actually believed her. And so this trip that I was certain would be significant to creating a life I loved ended up being so, all because of encouragers.  They confirmed for me what I really wanted to do with my life and was afraid to try.

I have always had the courage to let go of things that I knew were not good for me but I haven’t always had the courage to go after what I wanted. Feelings of unworthiness always intervened, but encouragers bridge that gap for me. They show up most times when I doubt myself, right on time to let me know that it’s OK to pursue what I want, that it’s OK to try even if I fail. I am most grateful for them, and that’s why encouragers are literally Everything.