Have you ever experienced living on a constant roller coaster with your mood swings?

 I used to be one of them.

 One day I felt like the whole world belongs to me and I was able to deliver great results, taking every opportunity to move forward in my business and the next day, I was doubting, questioning myself, and feeling how energy levels plummeted below zero.

 If you have similar episodes in life, it might be a good idea to do a very close energy audit.

After observing some of my successful friends and other people who inspire me, I noticed one specific thing, they are very conscious of their own energy and where it spreads.

 EVERY AREA IN LIFE- our health, our income, effective productivity, and everything that makes us happy depend on where we focus our energy.

 The BIGGEST influence on our wellbeing is people we spend time with and where our attention goes.

Another reason why our energy has a tendency to ’leak’ is that we carry lots of things in our heads and constantly think about unfinished projects, a phone call that we are avoiding to make, an uncomfortable conversation that we had some time ago.

The more we push it away, the more energy we are giving away. Often, those things are not even important anymore, but comfortably sitting in our head and consuming our energy.

A little warning. Our brain wants us to believe our lives and choices we make are not influenced by our environment or other people. If we look back into our past,  there might be some hints that we looked, behaved or maybe even lived differently and experienced something different from what we are experiencing at the moment only because we were surrounded by other environments.

This also can be an amazing reflection of how far we have come, only forgot about it.

 And if I ask you how your perfect future looks like, you might start to see yourself in a different location again to where you are now, being surrounded by different people and you look and even walk differently.

You might start noticing other interesting changes within you, maybe you feel calmer, more relaxed or perhaps you feel energised and more excited about what life has for you. You might notice how much more effective your days have become and you do something new that brings you better results and makes you feel complete.

And this is not a dream, all this can be achieved or at least improved if you start to pay closer attention to where your thoughts and energy are focused.

 If you feel drained and exhausted ask yourself what really affects you at the moment in your life and what simple steps can be made to start changing it.

 Often, only by making a conscious decision to focus on something that really matters is a huge step toward.

I can assure you, with some practice, it will become second nature to manage your own energy.

Soon, without realising, you will start to make unconscious choices that will bring you much better results and so much more inner satisfaction.

 If we could implement our energy audit regularly and create an energy management habit, we would be living in a much happier environment.

 The moment I mastered my energy management skill, I said goodbye to my long and draining ‘to do’ lists. It was like a breath of fresh air on the early summer morning.

 I created the space for the things that brought me results and what made me happy.

And you will be amazed at how easy it can be achieved once you start making conscious choices to eliminate what is not serving you.