You probably became an entrepreneur because you were passionate about your business, and you love the idea of working for yourself. Most entrepreneurs don’t want to be told when or how to work — they prefer to play by their own rules. However, there are some best practices that all entrepreneurs should follow if they want to be successful. One of those best practices is taking breaks. Here are some of the top reasons why entrepreneurs need to take breaks sometimes. 

Breaks support productivity

One basic reason why entrepreneurs need to take breaks is that breaks support productivity. If you want to do your best work and make the most of your time, you should aim to take a 15-minute break for every two hours of work. 

Be sure to use this time effectively though — don’t make excuses to check your email or answer the phone. Instead, try separating yourself from your work. You could take a short walk, try breathing exercises, and talk with a friend or colleague. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it’s rejuvenating for you. 

Preventing burnout

It’s also essential that entrepreneurs take breaks to avoid burning out. Burnout is the result of chronic, unmanaged stress. When you allow yourself to work around the clock without adequate rest, you risk entering this dangerous zone. If you burn out, you may find that you become exhausted, unmotivated, irritable, unfocused, and less productive. You may also find yourself losing passion for the business you once loved. Furthermore, burnout syndrome can also cause a myriad of physical symptoms ranging from stomach upset to chest pain.

As your business’s most vital asset, you need to take burnout seriously. Get plenty of sleep, take days off, and take frequent breaks throughout your workdays.

Increase innovation

Lastly, when you’re well-rested, you’re more likely to come up with ideas and solutions that will benefit your business. Taking the time to quiet your mind will allow you to think more clearly and recharge your batteries, allowing new ideas to flow more easily. This time will also allow you to return to your desk feeling refreshed, energised, and excited to get back to work.