Writing a book as an entrepreneur can open so many doors for you! Yes, it takes a lot of work, but the opportunities that can arise as a result of having a bestselling book makes it more than worth it!

Here are 10 reasons why every entrepreneur should publish a book!

1. Your book is speaking directly to your ideal tribe even while you are spending time with your family, relaxing on the beach or climbing a tree!

Imagine somebody on the other end of the world, getting absorbed into your message while you are sleeping. It blows my mind, but that is exactly what happens when you’ve published a book.

2. You can lead your reader into working with you in other ways.

Throughout the book, your reader will have become more and more absorbed into your teachings. Now they come to the end of the book and, if you’ve had your objective in mind as you wrote, they will be hungry for more… And you can then give them the option of being able to work with you. Believe me, this is very effective!

3. It gives you instant credibility and expert status in your niche.

If you want to know about a subject, who do you go to? The one who wrote a book about it!

Publishing a book on a subject means that you are knowledgable enough to be seen as an expert in that field.

If there’s a choice between a coach/speaker, or a coach/speaker with a bestselling book on the very thing you want to learn, who would you be more inclined to go for?

So would your potential clients.

4. A book, used in the right way, will get you media coverage.

If you have a book, it is so much easier to get into the media. If someone wants an expert in a subject, they will look for the expert.

How do they know who that is?

Because they have a bestselling book on the subject.

5. It can help you book speaking gigs.

Again, it’s possible to become a speaker without a book, but having a bestseller and using it in the correct way, will massively increase the engagements you are booked for.

“Author of bestselling book, Ben Harvey is here to talk to you about how to overcome your money mindset blocks.”

Sounds much better than…

“Ben Harvey, who writes a blog, is here to talk to you about how to overcome your money mindset blocks.”

Also- do you want to get on Ted Talks? Look up the speakers who are booked and see how many of them have bestselling books…

6. It’ll be easier for people to find you.

Many people search Amazon when they are looking for a product that will solve their problem. There, they can find your book and be guided into your world!

7. You can double, triple or even quadruple your income!

This can happen in many different ways.

– You can, very justifiably, increase your rates once you have a bestselling book.

– You will have people filer through to you as a result of reading the book.

– You will be selling copies.

– You will increase your visibility, attracting more clients to you.

– You will book more speaking engagements, and get paid more for them.

8. You can use your book as part of your marketing funnel.

Many entrepreneurs actually give away their books free… And they make a lot of money doing so!

They use them as lead magnets. “A gift of my number 1 bestselling book” is much more attractive than “A free e-book”.

Then not only do they read your book and get to know you that way, but you’ve collected their details and are keeping in touch with them through e-mail too.

9. To reach more people.

You want to create a huge impact in the world? Then you need to reach those people who need you. A book will give you the platform you need to do just that!

10. For your own sense of achievement.

93% of people want to write a book.

5% actually publish.

How would it feel for you to have that book in your hands, knowing that you are one of the 5%?

Knowing that you have conquered all doubts and insecurities to make it happen?

Realising that you have been able to write a book, which is shouting your message out loud and changing lives on a daily basis?

The feeling you will get when you are contacted by those people who your book has impacted in a big way.

That’s what you’re on this earth to do, right?

To impact lives on a global scale, and to skyrocket your business to heights that you never before thought possible…

Get writing that book!


  • Luana Ribeira

    Book & Media Coach

    Luana Ribeira (previously named Eirian Cohen) is a book & media coach. After the success of her own bestselling books, she now helps other entrepreneurs to sky rocket their business with a bestselling book, and by helping them get media publicity which elevates them into celebrity status in their niche. Since she became a bestselling author, she has booked a 3 month contract with FOX TV, become one of FORBES top 21 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2018, developed relationships with media outlets including Huffington Post, NBC, ABC, Miami Herald and over 300 more; been booked for speaking gigs internationally and rapidly grown her audience taking her business to new levels. Luana currently resides in rural Portugal where she is setting up a fully sustainable, eco friendly animal sanctuary. She is also a black belt in kickboxing and has 2 homeschooled girls.