Ask yourself this question. Could you ever see yourself sitting down in a quiet place, sometime after a stressful day at work, and holding prayer beads in your hand as you meditate or recite mantras?

Sure, it’s a bit of a funny question, isn’t it? But haven’t you always wondered what all this meditation, prayer beads and mantra counting stuff is all about? I mean, why do people do it? Is there some kind of magical benefit that you get from it? Is there actually something to be seen when you sit and close your eyes? And onto a more serious question, haven’t you always wondered, if there was something more to this day-to-day life of work, drama and stress? Of course, it goes without saying, that from a conventional standpoint, meditation, prayer beads and reciting mantras are strictly for followers of Buddhism. And this is true to some extent, but only to some extent.

But what if the benefits of using prayer beads to meditate and recite mantras yielded unbelievable stress-relief benefits, that could radically shift how positive, alive and in-love-with-life you feel every day? And what if, such a simple daily practice was capable of bringing out the person you always dreamed of being? The very person you know to be there right now, but are overwhelmed by all the work-related duties, daily chores and relationship drama. And furthermore, they are submerged beneath the endless thinking that comes with all of that worldly stuff.

This is exactly what lies in wait for you. If you were to take this leap of faith, and purchase your very own set of prayer beads from a reputable company like, and learn how to use them to meditate or recite mantras, it wouldn’t be long before you noticed the unique hymn of your voice, soothing away all of your stress, and clearing out the clutter of all those unnecessary thoughts. This is exactly what using prayer beads to meditate and recite mantras is all about. And on a far deeper level, it’s about getting to know the one person that matters the most – you. Just imagine for a brief moment, sitting in absolute peace, where there is nothing and no one there, except for you. You’d come to know what you’ve always known, just as you used to know it during the early stages of your infancy. And quite possibly, it is the very knowing you’ve been searching for this whole time. As scary as that sounds, it’s also quite relieving to know that this option is available to you at any time. You can take a break from your worldly life at any time, and escape into a universe of peace and silence. And who knows, maybe that time is now. For me, that time is every day.

Using prayer beads to meditate or recite mantras really doesn’t require you to partake in any of the religious dogma that comes with Buddhism or any other religion. In fact, Guatama Buddha, the historical philosopher who set the wheels of Buddhism in motion, never intended for anyone to be excluded from using this sacred practice. And get this! Buddha himself wasn’t even a Buddhist! That says it all right there. Buddha intended for this sacred practice to be used by everyone, far and wide. To aid them in finding peace of mind and the joy that comes with being this thing we call life.

By Noah Nichols