Ayurveda the 5000 year old science of consciousness tells us that the truth or knowledge of life is within us and among nature. Nature can be a powerful teacher, helping us understand these are not just concepts but are observable in the way life unfolds each day. The five elements of Ayurveda are space, air, fire, water and earth, natural forces observable by the human eye in the sky, air, sun, water and soil.

Within our bodies, space and air—referred to as vata dosha—are responsible. for movement, transportation and communication across all functions. Fire and water—referred to as pitta dosha—is connected to digestion, flow and transformation of both knowledge and food. Earth and water—known as kapha dosha—translate as the strength, stability and lubrication within us that provides immunity and a strong foundation.

The design of the universe provides the earth with full moons near the horizon after sunset. Back before tractor lights, the farmers used the light of the full moon to gather their crops. We may see this moon for several evenings in a row, in the days around the Harvest Moon.

On October 1st 2020 we will observe and feel the Harvest Moon in the sky. During this time – late September and early October 2020, the Northern Hemisphere’s Harvest Moon is shining in the vicinity of the brilliant red planet Mars. Mars is shining bright and strong right now!

BE AWARE you may a feel double intensity during this time. Mars brings with it a fiery Pitta energy and the full moon can often bring strong emotions flowing like the water. Together these energies can combust, especially depending upon your constitution and where the planets are in your chart. PITTA people (type A’s), I’m talking to you !!!

Let us use this knowledge to cultivate practices that support balance, inward reflection, gentleness and kindness towards yourself and others. Pushing yourself or others during this time in any way – physically or emotionally will bring on more fire and agitation. Take it slow, avoid conflict and choose the practices, foods and habits that have a cooling, nourishing and balancing effect on yourself. Those practices which you want to encourage, amplify and manifest more of…

The Fall is a time for all beings to enjoy the bounty and intentions planted in the seasons before. It is also a time to begin letting go, just like the trees so bravely and willingly do – making more space for new growth.

We can observe the trees beginning to shed…we enjoy the last of the season’s crops – brilliant colors, grounding and healing foods.

Choose wisely and mindfully.

You are part of nature!

When you set an intention which mimics her flow, She will support you in your growth and healing.