Homeschooling kids

Homeschooling also known as home education is the education of children at home, instead of a formal or private school. Behind this concept are very diverse reasons including dissatisfaction with the educational system available as educational professionals believe that children are not progressing with the traditional school structure?

In recent years, homeschooling or home education has been growing and gaining a lot of attention. This is mainly due to the benefits of homeschooling which is why this practice has been gaining support. However, as the traditional education system, there are pros and cons of homeschooling. Let’s find them below.

Benefits of Homeschooling

According to parents who opt for homeschooling, some benefits are the ability to monitor their child’s education closely and the ability to better understand potential learning difficulties. For many of them, regular schools no longer offer the benefits of individual attention and support.

No Bullying

Another advantage is that homeschooling in 2020 can protect children against bullying. Many parents report that their children face bullying and made schools a place they did not want to go to.

Time Flexibility

Time flexibility is also considered an advantage. As traffic becomes more chaotic, home education is an alternative to prevent early wear and tear, thus ensuring productivity and saving travel time.

No Annoying Situations

The attention of children for things they don’t need or they are not interested in decreases. Not all educational institutions offer high-level education, and children may not want to study in certain classes and schools. Visiting places that you don’t like can lead to negative emotions and poor academic performance. Studying at home is a way to get rid of all annoying situations. In a comfortable environment, children receive knowledge without disturbing their studies.

More Learning Opportunities

Children have more options for general development with home education. With this form of learning, students can immerse themselves in topics that interest them. They can also include information in training courses that are not included in school lessons.

Easy On Pocket

As a parent, you can save money with homeschooling as you don’t have to travel far away and you don’t have to pay tuition fees, school uniform, and other accessories. Instead, you can save this money and invest in extracurricular activities such as getting sports training or learning swimming.

Disadvantages of Homeschooling

Given all the issues that have led to the choice of home education, it must be determined that this approach has some negative points too.

Indifinite Learning Modules

The first is that the teaching method is the responsibility of the school. It is carried out step by step whereas this procedure cannot be followed regardless of the homeschooling structure. It is assumed that each parent can prepare the learning content for the child but it lacks learning goals and syllabus achievcement unlike schools.

Lack of Social Skills

Another point to consider is that when a child is raised at home, he has little contact with other children of his age. They cannot experience classrooms and carry out projects at school, they cannot have lunch with friends, dynamics and other school events. Homeschooling kids cannot ask their friends for help to do my assignment because they are not in schools. This does not mean that children who go study at home do not know how to communicate well, but they miss the little things that other children enjoy, except that they have the ability to work harder and improve their skills.

Low Career Opportunities

The children who are educated at home do not have the same opportunities in the job market as children who attend reputable schools. Like a person who has undergone interactive and dynamic learning, this person is unlikely to have the same psychological development, mental and emotional conditions.

Slow Learning Process

Homeschooling cannot speed up the learning process through personalized teaching. Learning faster through reinforcement learning does not mean that children can express their ideas, communicate with others and express their experiences. Finally, if a child does not fit into a particular educational institution, parents must find solutions to break the deadlock in school, not simply choose home education.

Why Homeschooling Is a Good Option

There are various reasons why families adopt this homeschooling. Motivation can be the importance of homeschooling or dissatisfaction with educational institutions. One of the most common reasons is that:

  • Some parents believe that traditional educational facilities are of poor quality and that teachers are not trained professionally.
  • There are families who believe that students in a school environment are exposed to bad influence or manipulation;
  • In some cases, a child or adolescent has special needs that schools are unlikely to meet;
  • Other parents see home education as a way to establish a family relationship and provide a stimulating learning environment;
  • Some families do not agree with the teaching method commonly used in educational institutions.

To Wrap Up

All parents strive to give the best to their children. Today, more families are choosing homeschooling, because of many benefits. Though, modern educational technologies and methods have significant potential but they follow strict schedules and syllabus. On the other hand, homeschooling offers more learning opportunities that are actually applicable in the real world. Use all the possibilities of the modern world to give your child a successful future.