During my mindfulness training, I came to the realization (like so many others) that the only true thing in life is change. 

When practicing mindfulness, you notice that your moods, emotions, and thoughts are constantly changing, as is the world around you. You also come to the realization that each minute you are completely different than you were the previous minute. For me, mindfulness has been the practice of noticing change.

While I find mindfulness useful, I’ve found heartfulness to be life-changing. My version of heartfulness intention is the practice of noticing love. It’s the realization that love is always there and within us. It’s the one feeling that doesn’t go away.

In my personal discovery of heartfulness, I’ve learned that everything changes except love. 

Even though your moods, emotions, and thoughts change there is still love in your heart. Even though the world is in a state of constant change, love is there, possibly hidden under the chaos. Even though happiness comes and goes, your experience of loving doesn’t.

You can be angry and hurt at a partner or a child or a pet, and still love them. You can be furious at yourself, but when you live with Heart, you continue to love yourself. And I don’t mean your anatomical heart. I mean “Heart” the way I’ve come to understand the collection of longings and abilities that don’t come from our brains. This Heart is an incredible set of superpowers that we all have, yet all too frequently don’t tune into.

In heartfulness, I’ve learned that love is the one constant. Even when a relationship with someone you once loved ends (sometimes badly), despite the anger, hurt, and grief, your heart remembers that love. And when you tap into Heart, it lifts you up, re-awakens hope, and fills you with love so you can heal.

There are many forms of love. Patience is love. Listening is love. Changing your mind is love. Forgiving is love. Smiling is love. Letting someone go first is love.

In the chaos of everyday life, you can easily forget that love is always there. But when you practice heartfulness, you’re training yourself to notice love. And there’s nothing stronger than the power of love.

So take a moment and try noticing one thing you’ve already done today that is a form of love. Next, try noticing one thing someone else has done for you that is a form of love. By doing this, you’re bringing love into your life. Enjoy!

Heartfelt wishes,

Originally published at www.dramybloch.com