DECEMBER, 2017 –United States – whereas fiction has long been a staple of the literary world, most of the authors end up cobbling along a novel that hardly cuts readers’ mustard. Luckily, the state of Texas’s Daniel Mignault has scored a goal with enthusiasm, saying the impending official worldwide unveiling of his diligently crafted debut novel ‘TITAN’ which will give a new twist.

FROM “Daniel”

“The method of making this novel has been an incredible ride and that i have enjoyed every second of it, however I couldn’t have done it without the support of my parents, my friends and also the help of my mentor and co-author. Jackson Dean Chase. Regardless of who picks up this book, they’ll fancy it and get lost within the world of this novel,” says Daniel Mignault, author of TITAN.

A Look into TITAN:

“A deliciously dark journey complete with centaurs, harpies, magic, and mayhem!”

A word from Andrus the main character.

“Andrus- I’m Andrus Eaves. I live in the New Greece Theocracy, a nation ruled by gods and monsters. All my life, I actually have trained to serve the theocracy, to be its sword and shield. But as I come close to becoming a warrior, I begin to see through the lies.

About: Daniel Mignault

Born in Dallas, TX. Daniel showed star potential from the very beginning. Taking part in hockey as a goalie at age four and have become a child actor by age eight. At age 18, this marked his last year of high school and his hockey career. However he’d accumulated much recognition by this time. His McKinney Texas team won their 1st ever State Championship and Daniel was awarded ‘Goaltender of the Year’, was recognized at the NHL Dallas Stars game and was named team MVP. The mayor of McKinney Texas conferred to the players a ‘Certificate of Recognition’ for their accomplishment.

Daniel’s film projects include “The Fun Room” as Eddie Stone, Bell Creations; ”Orange Lucas|film maker|filmmaker|film producer|movie maker|screenwriter|film writer} and the Pond” as lead actor Lucas, created and directed by Remma Patel; film “Super” as brother, Crimson Bolt, directed by LLC/James Gunn and “BUTTER” Directed by Jim Field Smith to name a few. Daniel continues to be much in show biz as an actor, model, and a social media figure and influencer. He often shares his modeling portfolio and funny videos via all of his social platforms together with YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Additionally to any or all of staying on top of his social media presence and acting career, Daniel still credits his greatest talent as being his biggest gift, his writing. He has talent to make up stories from the thinnest of air. Today, at the age of twenty one he’s prepared and can’t wait share his bountiful amounts of stories with the world.

To gain updates on the book launch and learn more regarding author Daniel Mignault, visit here.


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