I began writing again after a long time because I realised that it collects my thoughts together, allowing me to express myself through words.

Some people can express themselves through voice whilst others can express themselves through writing and many other ways. I guess it’s not a bad thing. 

Recently, I found a quiz online (I cannot remember the exact website, unfortunately) and decided to answer the questions on it. At the end of that quiz, the results showed that I am an ambivert which is a combination of an introvert and extrovert. What this means is that sometimes I can communicate with lots of people whilst being energetic and lively, but on the other hand, I would like to be alone in my thoughts in a calm place.

Growing up, I was more of an introvert but doing work experience and voluntary programmes made me understand that I am becoming more confident each time. 

These are the reasons why I decided to write. Being able to write my thoughts and feelings has made me more creative and willing to take more opportunities that I may not have thought about previously. It can also help me bring back my memories, good and bad.

Also, writing helps me to do things that are important rather than leaving them until later. This is where I feel that procrastination is never a good idea. I have been a victim of it and I am sure many of us fall into it at times.

I like to plan ahead as well so when I do end up forgetting something, I start feeling annoyed with myself.

Currently, I am reading blogs on how to develop myself in a better way such as meditation, learning a new skill, learning languages and most importantly, reading the Bible to help me understand God more and to have a deep relationship with Him.

Who knows what would happen in the next day or week or month? Life can be so unexpected so my advice would be to enjoy it while it lasts.