We can all “be”.

It’s so easy to go through life as a recipient of whatever is happening to us at the time, heck we can even find joy and happiness doing it, but is that enough for you?

Are you happy to settle for whatever comes your way, or do you want to seize every opportunity like it’s your last one and maximise the hell out of it?!

No matter how many opportunities you think we get to live, we only get THIS life, this version of it, one time. No do-overs.

Imagine this is the second chance you’ve had at your life, your previous “self” is watching everything you’re doing now, having already had their chance.

What do you think they’d be saying?

Would they be slapping their forehead screaming “WHHYYYYYY are you doing that?” or even “Why AREN’T you doing that?!”

Or would they be on the edge of their seat, popcorn flying all over the place because they are so pumped about what you’re doing, wishing they’d done it first but rooting you on and on to the next incredible opportunity?!

Sometimes, we need to take a step away from our normal selves, our usual routine and ask if it’s what we really DESIRE.

Or if it’s what’s easy, accessible and gets you through. We may even think we’re happy.

But is it real happiness, or because we haven’t experienced what more there is?

I believe that we are all capable of creating change, starting a movement and leaving an unforgettable legacy.

I also believe that the vast majority of us will never tap into that side of us, to see what we’re capable of – because it can be scary! It takes a lot of self-reflection and self-development and then when we decide to go after it, the fear kicks in.

There’s a lot of sacrifice required, a lot of set-backs and reasons why it was a bad idea – it takes strength and a whole lot more to stick your middle finger up at all that push on through.

If you’re sitting there thinking you’re not strong enough, I call bullsh*t!

You are!

You just don’t want to admit that you are because that means you have to go and do something about it, and that means risking failure.

WHO CARES?! You know what failing is? An opportunity to learn and do it better the next time, and the next and the next, until you stop failing!

Stop thinking of all the reasons and excuses as to why you’re not chasing your goals, get out there and start. And fail. Pick yourself up and start again.

Be stronger. Be better.


Until next time…


Gems x