You might be surprised to discover that there’s a part of my life where I don’t draw any hard lines, and I don’t have any strict boundaries.

(This coming from the same guy who will tell you that becoming the Best might cost you a few friendships – and that’s okay.)

But I’ve got a good reason for letting these parts of my life blend together. In fact, it raises the level of everything I do.

I recorded a new video on this topic to share this philosophy with you. It will also answer a question that Dawn and I get asked a lot:

“How do you separate your family life and your professional life?”

The short answer: We don’t.

Discover why—and hear the amazing results we’ve seen in our lives and our kids’ lives in this new video.

If you’ve got kids and you want to instill in them the same high standards you hold yourself to, Dawn and I will show you how we do it in our household.

And if you don’t have kids, we’ll give you a glimpse into what it’s like to let the lines between your professional and personal life blur in a way that raises the level of both.

Take Action:

Dawn and I are carrying on a legacy by continuing to raise our kids the way we were raised.

Are you living out a legacy? Share with me one thing your mom, dad, grandparent or other family member taught you that you’ve carried with you. Let me hear you in the comments!

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