I took a deep breath as I made the single payment from my sterling bank account. Meaning on top of the coaching fees of US$16,000, I had those dirty birdie transaction fees as well which went into hundreds….

It was the largest single payment I have ever made aside from buying my home! It was an important step for me though to signal to myself that it was time to get out there fully and share my message. By happy synchronicity, I had come across Darieth, my coach, seeing her being interviewed on an online Present your Power summit. I instantly warmed to her and when she offered a free clarity session at the end, I jumped at the chance and booked it straight away. I knew in that moment of effort that I wanted to work with her. Having been a big earner in the past in a corporate setting of private banking, a health crisis prompted a life review for me and I stepped away to set up by own business featuring yoga and nutrition as the key tools to help people thrive. I was already set on a powerful path and had the vision to go big. To go big, I needed to understand how to do that! A message to be shared needs visibility and action and voice.

As I near the end of the twelve month process, I’m clear that I have so much now to draw upon and so much already achieved. I understand much better how to nurture one’s mailing list, to have a brand image that is authentic to me and to be producing quality and consistent content across various types of media. And I have birthed my first book that is now in the hands of a publisher.

One of the absolute key positives about the coaching is that I have been accountable to someone. Every two weeks, it’s time to Skype with Darieth. So I have updates to make and progress to report. If I didn’t, then why on earth would I have paid that money. In this instance, the money was a big incentive to make it work and yield a meaningful return in terms of my own growth. I have worked through a number of value issues around glass ceiling my own earning potential translating to monetary returns as I review all of this.

As my coach says, ‘better done, than perfect.’ For those of you who have a fire in your belly and a message to share, start somewhere, but start. It is the action and intention that counts.

Stand tall in who you are. Your message matters.

Ciara Jean Roberts