This week I’m feeling a huge amount of gratitude. As General Manager, Walmart at Thrive Global, I’m deeply grateful for the wonderful, supportive community we’re continuing to build.   And I’m inspired by all the extraordinary stories I’ve been reading on social media from individuals who are changing their lives for the better — one Microstep at a time — on their Thrive Challenge journeys. I love the way associates are exchanging great recipes, workout tips, and motivational quotes, as well as sharing about simple activities and connections that bring them fulfillment. This is a warm, supportive, and courageous community. Each post I read on our Facebook group, Thriving with Family and Friends, fills me with joy and encourages me in my own journey. 

Here are 10 stories to encourage and uplift you.

Samantha has a clean bill of health

I want to start with Samantha Watson, who’s been with Walmart for 15 years. She was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) and started her Thrive Challenge journey with the goal of making some positive changes to her lifestyle. Samantha grew up on a farm and is enjoying getting out in nature again. One small Microstep at a time, doing activities she loves like gardening and swimming, Samantha has lowered her stress, lost weight, and shared some fantastic news from her recent doctor’s visit: her MS is in remission. 

Donald’s daily affirmation to himself: “You’re doing great”

Words of wisdom from Donald Gross, one of our most committed long-term Thrive Challenge winners, who never fails to encourage and impress. Donald is a true superhero, showing that continued dedication really does pay off. 

Patty’s the happiest she’s ever been

Reading Patty’s post was a delight — you can sense her joy. This is a single mom of two who was depressed and “drowning in debt” before starting her Thrive Challenge. Now, she’s married to Billy, “the love of my life,” she’s cleared her debts, and is enjoying connecting with her kids and family members, while also making time to teach at Sunday School and motivate everyone in her life to download the Thrive app.

Robert is loving fatherhood 

On the Thrive Challenge team, we’re all thrilled for Robert Flores. Robert was our Thrive Entry Book cover star, and was homeless just a few years ago. He gradually turned his life around. Now, he’s a digital team lead at Walmart, and married to Maria, who’s taking the Thrive Challenge with him. The couple are completely in love with their adorable toddler, 15-month-old Solomon, and are expecting their second child in December. 

Ashley is optimistic and creative

Short, sweet, simple encouragement from Thrive Challenge winner Ashley Conwell, who’s   been with Walmart for 17 years. Ashley’s learned the value of looking on the bright side and counting your blessings, whatever difficulties you are facing, while dealing with her challenges in a practical way using Microsteps. Also a single mom, Ashley has helped her daughter, Genesis, recover from depression. And I want to share how impressed I am that together, this talented mother and daughter have published two coloring books to help young girls who are dealing with depression and anxiety. 

Florice is getting creative in the kitchen

Another committed Thrive Challenge winner who is always there to lend a hand and motivate others, Florice (Flo to friends and family) is a great, creative cook and loves sharing her new culinary discoveries and recipes with our community.

Sherin and Josh are feeling joyful

Here’s our amazing Grand Champ Sherin Thomas. I love this image of Sherin with her husband, Josh. They’ve been taking the Thrive Challenge together and are always using the great tools on the Thrive app to support them in leading fulfilling and joyful lives.  

Kirsten’s power-walking and feeling positive

Wow! I love this energetic post from Kirsten Ohara. This image of Kirsten will inspire anyone to get outside and get moving. 

Larasha has a smile on her face

Sam’s Club optical manager Larasha’s smile made me smile. Here’s why this Thrive Challenge winner is feeling fulfilled.

Father of 5, Bryon beat diabetes

And finally we’re all inspired by Walmart store manager Bryon’s remarkable story. This father of five reversed his diabetes, lost weight, is devoting precious time to his family, and has become the dad he always wanted to be. As Bryon puts it, it’s the little things that add up!

We’d love you all to share your stories on social media. Tell us about your favorite Microsteps and Resets, your accomplishments, and how you and your family and friends are thriving and finding joy so we can celebrate together and motivate each other.

It’s your time to Thrive! Walmart and Sam’s Club Associates have free access to Thrive. Sign up here and submit your story for a chance to win part of a $1,000,000 prize pool.


  • MT Grant

    General Manager, Walmart

    Thrive Global

    MT leads Thrive Global's partnership with Walmart, impacting the well-being of over 2 million associates. Previously, MT served as Thrive's VP of Customer Success, Strategic Accounts. Prior to Thrive, MT held senior roles at Gusto and Pilot. She resides in Dallas, Texas with her husband Chris and pup Bash.