It was 2017 and I was in the midst of working as a trader on Wall Street, completing a part-time yoga teacher training, and feeling like I was quickly approaching a quarter life crisis two years too early. I was feeling lost, confused, burnt out, and had absolutely no idea how I could get past feeling this way. Whether it was partially due to the persuasion of my yoga practice, I may never actually know, but regardless I started reading more and more about meditation and the potential benefits it could bring. At this point I was feeling pretty hopeless and thought “Why not, anything is better than how I’m feeling right now.”

So that’s what I did. I started downloading every meditation app out there and added just 5 minutes each morning to my calendar after my workout to squeeze it in before heading off to work for the day. At the beginning, some days I completely skipped out, others I went well past the initial 5 minutes.

The first few months weren’t ground breaking nor were they easy. However, what I realized was as the days progressed, I looked forward to those 5 minutes. It became a space where I felt relief, found a glimpse of peace, and freedom from the persistent void that was lurking in the background of my life at the time. Those initial 5 minutes increased to 10, 15, 20+ and I no longer needed to rely on my calendar reminders, alarms, or habit tracker to get me to practice.

As I look back, I realize how much of the changes that came thereafter were first brought to the surface while in meditation. These periods of stillness provided the space to come back to my true self. It allowed me the courage to work towards making changes and find clarity on the path forward. For me, meditation was the pathway back to my most authentic version of being and has continued to be a practice that keeps me grounded and feeling whole.

This recent reflection led me to create a course from the learnings of my own journey. I remember feeling so wildly overwhelmed and knowing meditation would help me in some way, I just couldn’t figure out how. Through trial and error, I finally established a sustainable meditation routine that I learned to integrate into my daily life at the time.