When is the last time you switched off your laptop at night? Is it only me, or more and more people have now the tendency to simply close their laptops, put them in their cases ready to be opened the next day?

I was totally guilty of that myself, to be honest

I was writing the draft of my second book when I realised that I had not switched off my laptop from probably near 6 months (yes, that is a long time)

I am not proud of it, if anything I am slightly ashamed of it. Nevertheless, I just picked up the habit of leaving my tabs open from the previous days, maybe a few apps, waiting for my sleepy screen to welcome me back the following day.

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I decided to do an experiment and switched my laptop off

The first thing I realised was how long I had not been switching it off for for real. The following day I was faced with one of the harshest truths (if possible harsher than the previous one). I could not bear the idea of having to wait for the loading bar to load. It was so slow.

See Fab, this is where we know you have a problem. Literally, the blood started to boil and I knew something was seriously testing me. Funnily enough, I was also horrified by my slightly sudden loss of temper a la Jack Torrance, if you excuse my analogy here.

The truth dawned on me: we are a generation that just cannot switch off

All right, I will fully disclose that as an entrepreneur I can see how it’s easy to find convenience wherever I can

omg did you say I can save 44 seconds in the morning by not switching my laptop off? I am sold!

But what about the effects that always being on has on our brains? Is it really worth it for us never to switch off our laptops (or God forbids!) our phones?

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Can you switch off?

It’s hard not to see the similarities between us and our laptops – our mornings truly start only when we down our first coffee, we still check out emails after work, and tick off one last todo whilst our partners make dinner.

what if you were to join me in challenge, just for fun?

Can you just take the time each morning to take the first two or three minutes of your working day to patiently wait for your laptop to wake up?


I hear you saying.


Echoes in a corner.

Prove me wrong then. I dare you. Switch your laptop off tonight and your machine (and your brain) will thank you.

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