Before the coronavirus pandemic changed forever our lives, the arrival of autumn was the season when we all started planning our Christmas holidays. I remember those times when it did not matter if our loved ones had to cross borders, before 2020 our health was not at stake, and we could all be together and enjoy a beautiful Christmas dinner and a fun New Years celebration.

This year the experts recommend that for our safety, we should avoid family gatherings because the risks of transmission are very high. Consider having small family gatherings to make these holidays as safe as possible for everyone, it would be safer if they are people already in your “bubble.” Try to avoid traveling to family festivities this season. Wear a mask around people you don’t live with and wear it indoors at all times. Epidemiology professionals said that by taking these precautions, we could prevent overburdening hospitals during flu season too.

Have a Winter Staycation

Taking precautions to take care of your health will be the motto of these holidays. By deciding not to travel, you are taking care of your physical health, but what should we do to protect our mental health?

During all 2020, you have lived with pandemic stressors, and it is time to take some time off. A winter staycation is an excellent plan to relax safely on your holidays. It will benefit your mental health just as good as a traditional vacation.

Stay at home, and enjoy real-time off, clear your schedule of your usual responsibilities for a bit. When your staycation begins, stop checking your mail and mute notifications for social media and news updates. I recommend that before you start planning your winter staycation, first decide what your main goal will be, maybe you want to pamper yourself and relax, or you want to have days with exciting things to do.

A good option could also be to plan a stay in the nearby mountains or on the beach. There you could have your staycation in a cozy cabin overlooking the mountains or in a beautiful oceanfront rental. You must consider towns close to home so that you can reach your destination by car. Traveling by car is the safest means of transport at this time.

Whatever you choose, look for outdoor activities to do, it will help you clear your mind, and you will have your daily dose of physical activity. You can hike in the morning, have an afternoon picnic, and tree lighting ceremony at night.

Virtual Christmas Party

Currently, WiFi is the table where we can share, and cell phones are the seats that each guest occupies to enjoy dinner parties. Now we call them virtual celebrations where we entertain together but separately. Plan a special menu, including food, drinks, and dessert. Make together and share a Spotify playlist to create a fun Christmas atmosphere. With all these details ready, it will only be a matter of joining a meeting all together on this Christmas eve.

I think another good idea would be to schedule a meeting to open gifts and enjoy lovely Christmas moments together.

Although these holidays will be different from anything we have experienced before, that doesn’t mean that this Christmas will have to be sad or boring. You have an excellent opportunity to try different ways to celebrate. Be creative, but more importantly, be careful and away from the crowds, and at all times, make sure you take safety measures and social distancing.