I want to be all “What, you can’t keep a resolution?! That’s soooo easy, watch me.”

But, in reality, I usually come up with some kind of excuse as to why my original goal of completely cutting out carbs/decluttering my attic/never losing my patience was dumb in the first place.

I mean, I need carbs to live right? Plus, no one ever sees my attic. I know where everything is. And, let’s be real, I have to lose my patience sometimes or I wouldn’t even be human.

And, since I am really great at talking myself out of my goals, I choose to focus on growth over goals.

My growth focus for 2017 was abundance. Believing that abundance existed for me in every possible aspect of my life.

Long line at the grocery store? I would tell myself I have an abundance of time.

Crowded parking lot? I would tell myself there was an abundance of spots.

Unexpected expense pops up? I would tell myself we have an abundance of money.

Acting “as if” created a reality. I could actually feel my body un-tense as I reminded myself of abundance in these situations. Instead of rushing to squeeze in a crowded elevator, I let the person behind me get in. And, in some weird way, it gave me a sense of control over the situation. By simply leaning out instead of leaning in.

And to be honest, practicing this type of woo-woo isn’t normally my thing, but a shift in mindset helped me not have a total freak-out-panic-crazy-lady-attack in the moment, and helped me grow throughout the year.

Now that 2017 has wrapped up, I truly do feel abundant even though my goal was never to make more money, find more time, give more, or have more.

Growth Resolution for 2018

So, this year, my growth resolution is FAITH.

Because apparently, chronic, daily, sustained, high-level, ingrained, persistent worrying is NOT a good thing.

Anytime that my mind starts racing towards that worst-case scenario-might-even-be-impossible-but-still-gonna-worry-about-it-anyway fantasy, I am going to practice this: breath in, breath out, trust.

Having faith that I am on the right path and that the present moment is enough.

Because living in the “what if world” is exhausting and unhealthy.

And faith is quite the opposite. Faith is trust. And, peace. It is staying attached to the outcome while staying detached from the how.

Faith moves mountains, while doubt creates them.

And, when we believe this, we realize that we are unstoppable.

Choosing Growth over Goals

So, if you suck at New Year’s Resolutions like me, I encourage you to choose growth over goals. Because the trick to New Year’s Resolutions isn’t setting a goal and having the willpower to achieve it.

It’s often just simply changing your thoughts on the subject. And that simple growth just might get you where you wanted to go anyway.

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