I love you.

When strung together, these powerful words hold a longterm impact on your relationship with whomever you decide to say them to. Clarity will follow and will put you on the longterm road that you’re meant to be on.

Here’s the thing: if you’re feeling that love is what truly is in your precious and unique heart, say it. Your heart never lies, and is the most honest organ in your body whether you are actively aware of it or not. Remember that. Always. Trust your heart, and a sense of direction will come shortly after.

From a neighbor to a brother to a friend to a romantic partner, these are the words that must be put out in the universe if you feel them within. If you are feeling those words that strongly, that is your version of the truth that is distinctive to you. To turn your back on what your insides believe in will only do your soul an injustice. Living with the unknown is scary and time-consuming. By placing together those magical words with your feelings, you are setting yourself up to experience freedom.

There is no shame in giving love.

Love should be open. Love should be real. Love should be honest. If love is what you have for someone, then it has to be recognized without the expectation of getting it back.

Photo by Shaira Dela Peña on Unsplash

Yes, there will be painful moments in your life where you will not hear the words “I love you” back. That is okay.

Love cannot force other love. You might not always get those words in return. Of course, by not receiving love, you are risking feeling hurt and disappointed. That is natural. In an ideal world, everyone we love would love us right back equally. Unfortunately, as wonderful as love is, it’s also not fair. Love operates differently for everyone, and that should always be respected.

To hold back the words “I love you” because there is a chance that someone else might not say it back to you would be the biggest travesty of them all. Love is special and should be shared. If someone triggers that feeling, you will know and the words won’t come as a challenge, but as an opportunity to express yourself bravely and directly.

We never know what our last moments will be on this planet. Our time to make our consequential voices heard is limited. Taking unused love to the grave creates a wasted life with blinders that were never fully pulled up. Who really wants to be living in the dark their entire lives?

When you say and really mean the words “I love you,” you’re living your life without regret. That is the kind of life that will ultimately be filled with peace, knowledge, and pure joy.

We are lucky to experience the creation of love. Be sure to share it with the people who are important to you. No matter what the response is, the universe will take care of the rest.


  • Kyle Stevens

    Entertainment Journalist and Executive Media Producer

    Kyle Stevens is an executive digital media producer and entertainment journalist. He has conducted feature interviews with some of the biggest names in the pop culture industry including Nick Cannon, Steve Aoki, Michael Bublé, and Stevie Nicks. Kyle enjoys writing about professional wrestling, film, and the music industry. In his spare time, Kyle likes going to concerts with his loved ones.