I’ve worked for others for over 30 years.  But not only did I work for others, I observed, listened, analysed and broke down their leadership styles and beliefs, allowing me to really understand what works, what doesn’t and everything in between.

Some of the people I’ve worked for have been dicks!  They had a style that just drained the energy and motivation from others as they use their title as a way to hide behind their inability to lead with a purpose.

Some have been amazingly brilliant but these are few and far between.

But I have to do something.

My plan to transition from my day job into another role supporting leaders, is taking place and small changes have been made to my focus and behaviour to allow me this change.

So why am I writing a book on leadership?

In my roles as training and development consultant, trainer, manager, professional sports coach and washer of dishes (my very first job) I’ve got experience others can learn from quickly.

People deserve a lot more than what many so called leaders offer.  I’ve personally felt the pain and negativity and seen others fall apart leading to stress and anxiety and this isn’t acceptable; and I’m not just talking about members of staff.  I’ve seen leaders fall apart as well.

I felt it time to put all the thoughts about leadership into words so my head could be cleansed and free from critical analysis that was driving me crazy!

The experience and training I have needs to be shared for the sake of the leaders new to their roles and the people they are hoping to influence and lead.

The thought of others suffering as I and many others have done in the past under poor leadership needs to end.

Through my training, research and education in leadership, I believe there is one mind-set a leader needs to take to be successful, not just with the results and outcomes they hope to achieve but in maintaining a balance that supports well-being in self and others.

Leading with compassion is a style that’s becoming more mainstream but still needs some leverage and I hope my book will create a small shift in the right direction.

Chapters include: –

  • How Happy are you?
  • Why are you doing this?
  • You accept weaknesses
  • Deliberate versus accidental culture

and many more.

With the book I can reach so many more new leaders than just through coaching and I’m ready to proof read it before publishing on Amazon Kindle.

Wish me the best!

Take it easy