I’m sorry. I’M SORRY. I am sorry. Sorry. So sorry! Sorry.

Sorry. . .Sorry. . .Sorry. . .

This word is the quickest, most efficient way, to “mend a wrong.” Right an error. And, whatever methods, where we have fallen from grace. Whether that be at home, on the job, in our personal relationships, and however that may go. It is one of the endeavors of trying to clean up any mess that we have created for someone else, a colleague, fellow colleagues, our business company, or even management.

It could be words that were said, feelings that were hurt, a delayed assignment, not carrying our weight for a group project, and so forth. The fact of the matter, is that in our careers, when we are wronged, or hurt by others in our careers, justice has to come. When our co-workers take responsibility in ensuring that there is justice, it makes it all the more nourishing.

And, in all of those situations, “I’m sorry” is not enough.

We all know that words have no meaning, if they are not backed by action. I think it is safe to say that we have all had our moments of “talk with no action.” Honesty is the first step in change, is it not? And, we have had those instances of group projects, and having to take up the slack for the. . .slackers. Though, “I’m sorry” is a great way to initiate a change, or make up for an imbalance that occurred, it does not suffice for energy that was abused or taken. Even a “nice” apology does not rectify a situation.

When people have taken something from us, have abused us, stolen an idea, disrespected us during an office meeting, have not brought their weight to the team effort, energetic rectification is needed to return stability and balance. That does not come quickly or easily. It is not smoothed away, smiled away, hugged away, laughed away, or talked away. Energetic injustice will only happen when the work it takes to bring balance, is performed and completed. When that work produces the results of balance.


What does that work look like? What does it mean for “that work” to re-balance an energy imbalance?

Well, it comes in many forms. If a hurtful statement was made to another colleague or person, “I’m sorry,” along with flowers, a card, or some other gift re-balances that energy. Along with the apology, those tangible resources of balance slowly erases the negative. Do you remember that one co-worker, who didn’t do their share of work? In fact, they shared the papers with everyone in the group, only for that indivudual to share the least with him/herself. Perhaps, during the next group project, that colleague should take on the work and do a little extra for everyone else’s portion. Or maybe, it was that really great idea you had during the office meeting that was ignored. It was not as exciting and vivacious during that time. Fast forward, weeks or months later, your idea (with different terminology or re-written in a different format) has now become popular and accepted. The only thing is that, you are not presenting it. Someone else is, and they are getting all of the credit for it. Management nods their head in agreement, and that “presentation” is the highlight of the company day. That’s right! “I’m sorry” is going to work in this regard, right? Well, an apology, accrediting you as the original mastermind of that work (with the raise and benefits), and presenting you at the next meeting would suffice. Wouldn’t you agree?

It feels much better when the person or entity, that has wronged you, puts in the work to re-balance or re-store what was taken or imbalanced your energy or space. Now, that’s truly an apology, wouldn’t you agree?

“I’m sorry,” but your SORRY’S are not good enough for me.