Why is belief so important? How do you get what you want if you don’t already see it / have it?

When I was 33 I was ready to find my love and get married. Dating was annoying, boring and draining by that point.

I bought a fake engagement ring from TJ Maxx. I wanted to see what it felt like to wear it and pretend I was married.

It was odd but I loved it, just staring down looking at it. It looked perfect and natural on me but I wasn’t married, I wasn’t even dating anyone. I wore it anyway.

I wore it to the grocery store, in my apartment and to the gym. I didn’t care if people saw it and thought I was married. It gave me confidence. It cost $20 and wasn’t anything close to a diamond.

From wearing it I felt belief and could picture myself being married. Having someone give me a ring like that.

I still have that ring. My daughter who is 6 plays with it. It’s fun to see her with it. It reminds me that belief is so important. In fact its the most important and super fun skill we all have in our brains we can use at any time. No one can take it away from us.

Here is a pic of my real ring. What do you want to believe is possible for you?